Tinder is testing a new Feed feature in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. REUTERS/Mike Blake

Tinder announced it has begun testing a new feature called Feed. The new Feed feature on Tinder will show users real-time updates from their matches, which may include new profile picture, Instagram posts and new Spotify Top Artists.

“Feed brings your matches to life by delivering a visual and interactive experience that helps you spark conversation with the people you want to meet most,” Tinder said on its blog. “It’s an exciting new way to see more of what someone is all about by giving you a true glimpse into their world—their passions, their personality, their latest adventure—all leading to better conversations and deeper connections.”

Tinder Feed
The new Feed is accessible from the user's Tinder Match List. Tinder

To access the new Tinder Feed, users will simply have to tap on “Feed” from their Match list. This will show a chronological feed of their matches’ newest profile pictures, Instagram posts and Spotify Top Artists. The idea behind the new feed feature is to help people make a real connection with their Tinder matches.

“Feed is a discovery tool that helps you get to know more about people you’re interested in,” Tinder said. “It’s fun, it’s effortless, and it’s only between you and the people you’ve swiped right on.”

The new Feed feature also makes it easier to start a chat with a Tinder Match. Users will be able to send a message specific to any update by double tapping their match’s new profile picture, Instagram post or Spotify Top Artists.

If a user connects their Instagram account to their Tinder profile, their new posts will appear in their matches’ Feeds. The same goes for Spotify. If a user connects their Spotify account to their Tinder profile, updates on their Top Artists will appear in their matches’ Feeds.

Tinder also reminded its users that they have control of what they share on the new Feed. If users want to manage what they share on the Tinder Feed, all they have to do is go the Tinder app Settings and or edit their profile.

The new Feed feature for Tinder is currently only being tested in Australia, new Zealand and Canada. Tinder hasn’t announced anything regarding wider availability of the new Feed feature, nor did it share any plans to integrate other third-party services besides Instagram and Spotify.

The new feature seems like a great way to keep track of Tinder Matches without having to switch between Tinder and Instagram. As pointed out by Mashable, the new Feed feature could also be way to convince users to keep using the app even when they’re not chatting it up with their Tinder Matches.

Although the new Tinder Feed seems like an easy way to know more about Tinder Matches, the new feature may possibly lead to some problems. As TechCrunch explained, the new Feed feature may open users’ lives to a lot of strangers, which could lead to cyberstalking. The new feature may also lead people into becoming more passive in getting know their Tinder Matches.