• "Titans" Season 3 will introduce Barbara Gordon
  • Barbara first appeared as Batgirl
  • The TV series will introduce the character as Oracle

A new major character will be joining “Titans” Season 3. Cinematographer Boris Mojsovski has already confirmed the introduction of Barbara Gordon on the show, and a new theory has surfaced online that explores what role the new superhero will play in the story.

“Titans” already has many superheroes who struggled to form a team in the past. In a discussion on Facebook, Mojsovski confirmed the rumors that Barbara Gordan will be the new character who will be added on the show this year.

Mojsovski didn’t reveal any specifics of what role Barbara will play in the story, but he did talk about the tone. He revealed that the show will have “many resemblances of the first season” and it have some “cool emotional stuff from the second season.”

With the TV series incorporating the best parts of the first two seasons, Barbara will help make the plot more exciting. According to a theory by CBR, the character may appear as Oracle on the show, which is one of the avatars of the superhero in the comic books.

Barabara, who is the daughter of Commissioner Jim Gordon, is best known as Batgirl. However, she may have a different role to play in “Titans” Season 3. In the comics, Batgirl became Oracle after an attack by Joker left her paralyzed.

Oracle is a tech expert who could be of immense help to the superheroes. The fact that she is in a wheelchair doesn’t stop her from helping people.

Apart from Oracle, there will be a few more new faces on the show. According to Screen Rant there is a rumor that the comic book character Danny Chase, who turns into Phantasm, may appear in the TV series this time around.

“Titans” Season 3 is set to premiere sometime later this year. The producers are yet to announce an exact release date.

Blackfire is the villain in "Titans" Season 3. Titans/Facebook