The last time anyone saw Spawn, he was portrayed by Michael Jai White. The undead superhero creation of Todd McFarlane captured everyone’s imagination. He was a wronged man looking for revenge, even making a literal deal with the Devil to do so.

McFarlane’s been looking to reboot the movie franchise since 2007, according to Collider. For a moment, it looked like things were going well when Oscar-acclaimed actors Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Renner have signed on to play characters in the film. Foxx himself was slated to play the titular role. However, McFarlane himself may have revealed that the actor is no longer connected to the project.

During an interview, McFarlane was said to have commented that “an academy award-winning guy” was no longer connected with the project. People were “willing to fund” production of the movie as long as the actor in question was connected. Only an actor with the caliber of Jamie Foxx could command such funding. Nothing is confirmed, though, and no official news of Foxx leaving the cast has been revealed so far.

It was back in July 2019 when the casting of Foxx and Renner was confirmed. Vulture reported back then that Renner will step into the shoes of Detective Twitch Williams. Long-time fans of the comic book series know that Twitch is one-half of a duo (the other being Detective Sam Burke) who are investigating murders connected with Spawn.

The story, however, is reportedly taking a different angle from the first film. In the previous film, the spotlight is focused on Spawn, also known as Al Simmons. The new film is rumored to follow Spawn’s story through the eyes of the detective, where he is addressed as “the face of the film.” An actor of Renner’s pedigree can completely pull off becoming the focal point of such a film, while Foxx will provide a strong presence, even if he is reportedly completely silent in the film.

That remains to be seen, however, as Foxx’s involvement or non-involvement has yet to be confirmed. The project is also seemingly cursed; plans for a sequel to the 1997 film did not push through after it failed to even get past the development stage.

Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx is pictured attending the Global Down Syndrome 10th anniversary BBBY fashion show on Oct. 20, 2018 in Denver, Colorado. Tom Cooper/Getty Images