People leave a Costco warehouse with rolls of toilet paper amongst their groceries in Melbourne on March 5, 2020
People leave a Costco warehouse with rolls of toilet paper amongst their groceries in Melbourne on March 5, 2020 AFP / William WEST


  • Company employees give away rolls
  • Brilliant marketing for food delivery
  • Toliet Paper Exchanges work well

One day coronavirus will be defeated. Survivers will fondly remember those businesses who were there when they needed them. Whether they are just being good neighbors or using smart marketing, businesses and individuals from coast to coast are providing an essential item to grateful communities.
For example, Mamma Musetti's Italian Caffe in Wappinger Falls, NY offers a free roll of toilet paper for every meal bought. There is one caveat: while supplies last. The firm offers delivery, takeout, curbside pickup and contactless delivery.
Milwaukee-based Mequon Pizza Co has taken a similar approach by giving away free rolls of toilet paper with their pizza deliveries.
“Our regular, massive shipment was just delivered so for every large pizza you purchase we will give you a free roll of Cottonelle, 2-ply toilet paper, if you need it! Just ask,” the restaurant wrote on Facebook. “If you need toilet paper, rolls are available for purchase (limit 6) at our cost of $1.”
Marketing firm Trevelino/Keller has temporarily closed down during the quarantine. With storage closets filled with enough toilet paper for 1,000 employees, the Atlanta-based company decided to give away all of their rolls for free.
The company has since launched the Toilet Paper Exchange — an employee-run action to give away the toilet paper to the community through “Toilet Paper Tosses.”
Company employees host drive-thru giveaways during which they maintain social distancing by hurling rolls of TP through peoples’ car windows, according to the Goodnews Network.
A surfer and physical therapist in San Diego became a star in Southern California by moving forward with an idea on community activism. He wanted to help elderly residents from shopping for bathroom necessities in hectic and crowded spaces.
Jonny Blue started an on-the-spot toilet paper exchange at one of the busiest intersections in the city of Encinitas.
“It was initially intended to be a reminder to people to take care of those around them,” he said, on his Instagram stories last week. “But then people started handing TP to me out their windows. Then others would stop and say they need some, so I’d just pass it along to them.”