• "Tokyo Revengers" 226 is now out
  • The latest chapter is titled "Dynamic Duo"
  • "Tokyo Revengers" 227 is set to release next week

The latest manga installment of "Tokyo Revengers" introduced readers to the legends who served as the pillars of Black Dragon, but their fighting skills and prowess might be tested when they face South Terano in Chapter 227.

The latest chapter of "Tokyo Revengers" dropped Tuesday in the U.S. and it showcased the ongoing street brawl between Tokyo's leading gangs following Draken's unexpected death. Chapter 226, titled "Dynamic Duo," introduced the "Greatest Duo," who according to South, still live up to their moniker.

People are confused that Mikey is not making any moves. Meanwhile, Haruchiyo Sanzu shouted, "Die Kakucho" and hit him with an iron pipe. 

Tokyo Revengers - Episode 18 Sano Manjiro in his Tokyo Manji Gang uniform. Photo: YouTube Screenshot/Muse Asia Official YouTube Channel

While still talking to Kakucho about how much easier the fight becomes when one uses a weapon, Haitani Ran hits Sanzu with a baton. Ran said Sanzu is right about using a weapon in the fight while Rindo, seeing what happened, just smirked behind his brother.

South was impressed that one hundred members of Rukuhara Tandai were easily defeated by Wakasa and Benkei and complimented them. Still observing the ongoing fight, Senju told Takemichi that Benkei used to lead the 600 strong Ragnarok gang, which controlled the region's west side. 

The gang used to be the nation's biggest and its leader is known to walk out blood-soaked after battles. It is also the reason why Benkei earned the moniker "Redcliff." 

Meanwhile, Senju explained that the eastern part of Kantou was governed by 12 different gangs, which merged to become Koudou Rengou. At that time, the most feared man was the gang's president, Imaushi "White Leopard" Wakasa.

Both gangs quarrel fiercely but only Sano Sinichiro was able to stop the war when he unified these gangs and founded the Black Dragon. Wakasa and Benkei, according to Takeomi Akashi,  are the toughest brawlers in Japan and right now are fighting for Senju's Brahman gang.

It appears that Benkei is saving his energy to face Mikey but it looks like he has no choice now that he has to fight South Terano first. Wakasa warned him, however, not to let his guard down since South is known to be at par with Mikey in terms of strength. 

The chapter ended with the last panel showing Wakasa and Benkei coming after Rukuhara Tandai's South Terano.

The upcoming chapter of "Tokyo Revengers" will most likely showcase South Terano fighting against Wakasa and Benkei. In the leaked sketch, which apparently was made by series creator Ken Wakui himself, it was revealed that while South is strong, Wakasa is fast and flexible.

In another leaked sketch, which surfaced online a few days ago, South appears to be lying on the ground with a bullet shot on the upper left part of his shoulder. It is still unknown if the sketches are authentic.

However, if these are indicative of the result of the fight, it looks like South Terano is going to lose.

The manga officially releases every Tuesday in the U.S. As for the spoilers, fans can check them out between Friday and Monday while the raw scans usually surface online on Tuesday.