• "Tokyo Revengers" 226 releases Wednesday
  • The official manga is available at Kodansha
  • "Tokyo Revengers" 226 raw scans might surface online Tuesday night

“Tokyo Revengers” 226 might not yet show Mikey making a move but will feature the epic battle between one of the founders of Black Dragon Wakasa and Rukuhara Tandai’s top dog, South Terano.

One of the sketches supposedly made by the creator himself, Ken Wakui, for a panel of “Tokyo Revengers”, is now available online. The leaked sketch, which appeared on Twitter, courtesy of the insider who goes by the name Diana, shows the fight between Brahman’s Wakasa and Rukuhara Tandai’s South Terano.

According to the insider, Wakasa has the upper hand in the fight because of his incredible speed and superior strength. In the leaked sketch, it looks like South throws his powerful meteor punch against Wakasa but a founding member of the Black Dragon gang seems to have avoided it.

Tokyo Revengers - Episode 18 Sano Manjiro in his Tokyo Manji Gang uniform. Photo: YouTube Screenshot/Muse Asia Official YouTube Channel

It may be recalled that South used the same attack on Draken when the Rokuhara Tandai ambushed him in the past. This attack is powerful that Draken instantly dropped on the street when he caught it.

While the insider did not say which chapter the leaked sketch belongs to, they mentioned, “Sketches usually appear after 2 chap.” But it seems that it could happen in Chapter 226.

Chapter 225 left readers with Benkei and Wakasa saving Takeomi (who’s being held down by some Rokuhara) from South Terano’s attack. Benkei shielded Takeomi while Wakasa kicked the top dog of Rukuhara Tandai.

At that point, Wakasa tells South that instead of Takeomi Akashi, South Terano will be fighting him and Benkei. As for Mikey’s fans, it appears that the invincible leader of the Kantou Manji gang is oblivious about Draken.

Some fans think he already knows that Draken is dead and he is still in denial of the truth. Others claim Mikey genuinely has no idea of what truly happened to his best friend, which explains why he is not making any move at all.

When Koko actually asked him what Kantou Manji should do, Mikey asked him to stay put and watch how things go. For now, Mikey wants Haruchiyo to take care of the street brawl against other gangs.

It is worth noting that the leaked sketch does not say that it is for “Tokyo Revengers” 226. Readers should therefore temper their expectations and take this leak as speculative at this stage.

“Tokyo Revengers” 226 is set to roll out Wednesday. Readers can check out the official manga at Kodansha. Meanwhile, raw scans may surface online Tuesday night.