• "Tokyo Reengers" 240 is titled "Going Retirement"
  • The latest manga installment is now live 
  • "Tokyo Revengers" 241 will most likely show Senju's flashback


"Tokyo Revengers" has brought heartbreaks to a lot of fans over the past months and it is kind of refreshing that the latest episode offers new details about some important characters in the series. Interestingly, the next manga installment, Chapter 241, will show Senju's flashback, giving fans additional reasons to love the character and to learn more about the friendship between Mikey, Baji and Haruchiyo.


"Tokyo Revengers" 240, titled "Going Retirement," focuses on Senju Karawagi throwing in the towel as the leader of Brahman and it is live now. But, before Takemichi visits Senju, the Thousand Winters gang had a new manager – Mitsuya, the former captain of the second division of the Tokyo Manji gang.

It was Chifuyu's idea to give the helm to Mitsuya who later said he will design the gang's uniform, change its logo and even its name. The fashion designer also tells the group that aside from him, Peh-Yan and Pah-Chin, as well as the Kawata brothers, are also joining the gang.

Mikey Talarico? Tokyo Revengers
Assista Tokyo Revengers na Crunchyroll! Episódio 23: Depois dos eventos na batalha com a Valhalla, Takemichi e Draken saem juntos. Takemichi acaba conhecendo a casa de Draken e um pouco mais sobre a sua vida. Mas quando ele sai de casa, vê uma cena inesperada entre Mikey e Emma! YouTube Screenshot/Crunchyroll Brazil Official YouTube Channel

A few days later, Takemichi visits Senju, who has already given up hope and blames herself for Brahman's disbandment. While Takemichi and Takomi try to change her mind, Senju reveals something that surprised even her older brother.

Senju says she is responsible for Haruchiyo becoming a terrible person, as well as for Mikey's impulses. According to her, Mikey, Baji and Haruchiyo were always together and she would always follow them from behind.


"Tokyo Revengers" 241 will most likely tell what happened to Mikey, Baji, Haruchiyo and Senju and why they have become the person they are now. Readers might also learn more about Senju's past with the upcoming manga installment taking them down memory lane.

Takemichi will eventually tell Senju that he is forming a new group to help save Mikey and to honor Draken's dying wish. With Senju beating herself up for everything that happened to her brother and Mikey, there is a great chance that she would join Takemichi's new group.

Takeomi will also join the newly formed gang and with Takemichi as the group's captain, it is highly likely that Black Dragon members, who eventually became members of the Brahman gang Keizo Arashi and Wakasa Imaushi, will also join them.

Raw scans, spoilers, release date

Kodansha publishes a new manga installment every week and if there are no changes or delays in the schedule, readers can get their hands on "Tokyo Revengers" 241 on Feb. 9. Spoilers usually come out between Friday and Sunday, while raw scans become available on Monday or Tuesday night.