• "Tokyo Revengers" 251 is scheduled to drop on Wednesday
  • The upcoming manga installment's raw scans are now available
  • "Tokyo Revengers 251 hints at Mikey finally making a move

"Tokyo Revengers" 251 amps up the tension as it reveals the presence of a powerful character, an unexpected betrayal and a fan-favorite character who is putting himself in great danger.

The most recent manga installment revealed that some members of the second generation of the Tokyo Manji gang were winning in their respective battles, but thanks to the latest raw scans for "Tokyo Revengers" 251 courtesy of some insiders, it looks like the community has a lot to look forward to in this epic street fight between Toman and Kantou Manji.

One of the leaked panels of the upcoming manga chapter shows Inupi getting beaten up by Benkei and Wakasa and with limited choices available, Inupi asks Koko to help him. While this is happening, Kokonoi has a brief flashback where he recalls Akane thanking him and advising him to live his life the way he wants it.

Tokyo Revengers - Episode 21 [English Sub] - YouTube (2)

Koko rescues Inupi by mercilessly punching Benkei until the former member of the Black Dragon gang falls unconscious to the ground. Inupi looks relieved, knowing that Koko has his back and they both prepare to fight Wakasa.

Kokonoi is a member of the Kantou Manji gang and what he did to Benkei and eventually to Wakasa is a major betrayal to his gang. But that's not the only surprising highlight of "Tokyo Revengers" 251 since, according to the raw scans, Mikey calls out Hanma to "clean up the mess."

Shuji Hanma, who used to be the right-hand man of Kisaki Teta and the former temporary leader of Valhalla and Moebius, happily complies with Mikey's order and says that he is willing to play with those who failed to die. Another leaked panels show Mitsuya and Hakkai, while carrying Akkun, come across Chifuyu and while they are congratulating each other for their respective victories, Hanma appears in front of them, seemingly wanting to fight the four Toman members all at once.

Another "Tokyo Revengers" 251 leaked raw scan reveals Pah-Chin going to Mikey's location, seemingly antagonizing the leader of the Kantou Manji gang. Pah-Chin asks Mikey if he finds it satisfying to watch the fights from his position. While Mikey barely acknowledges one of the founding members of Toman and his trusted friend, Pah-Chin challenges him to a one-on-one battle.

"Tokyo Revengers" 251 is scheduled to roll out Wednesday.