Rumors were swirling that Tom DeLonge (right) is leaving Blink-182. Also pictured are Travis Barker (left) and Mark Hoppus. Reuters

Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge denied he was leaving his famous rock band after rumors surfaced that he'd quit. Fans were upset after a statement from the band’s publicist said he was going to leave “indefinitely.”

In a statement on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, DeLonge said it was a big misunderstanding. “To all the fans, I never quit the band. I actually was on a phone call about a blink 182 event for New York City at the time all these weird press releases started coming in. ... Apparently those releases were 'sanctioned' from the band. Are we dysfunctional -- yes. But, Christ... #Awkward #BabyBackRibs” He also shared an interesting picture to go along with the statement.

More than 22,600 people liked the picture on IG. Some fans even thought it would be a good idea if DeLonge did leave the band, known for hits like “What’s My Age, Again? “All the Small Things” and “I Miss You.” “He should leave, they're holding him back!!” one person said. “I was surprised when I heard this news. Please never make it out of Blink-182 band,” another person said.

The rumor started Monday when it was said Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio would replace DeLonge. "We were all set to play this festival and record a new album and Tom kept putting it off without reason," a statement said. "A week before we were scheduled to go into the studio, we got an email from his manager explaining that he didn't want to participate in any Blink-182 projects indefinitely, but would rather work on his other non-musical endeavors. No hard feelings, but the show must go on for our fans."

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