Tom Holland appeared on the YouTube series "Hot Ones," dropped on the "First We Feast" channel, where he shared an incident of Jon Bernthal slapping him really hard for a movie scene, and that he had no prior knowledge of it.

The 25-year-old actor was shown a photo of him and Bernthal together during the interview and Holland recalled how he got slapped. "I remember doing a scene with him," he said, before explaining how sometimes a scene requires real tension between the actors.

Holland clarified that he wanted someone to "brush him up a little bit," and requested Bernthal, his fellow actor on the 2017 movie "Pilgrimage," to "scare" him.

The actor noted that Bernthal initially refused because he treated Holland like a brother, but once the camera started rolling, the 45-year-old straight up slapped him across the face.

Recalling the moment, Holland continued, "I was like 'Oh my God!' and it was great, and it worked so well for the scene, but he just- He just didn't want me to know it was coming. But he properly cracked me one."

"I look back on that as a very fond experience, and meeting him was you know one of the highlights," he added.

Holland is currently busy promoting the highly-anticipated upcoming movie, "Spider-Man: No Way Home," which is slated to release on Dec. 16 in theaters only.

Besides the Marvel franchise, the actor will also feature in a movie titled, "Uncharted," which is under post-production. The action-adventure helmed by director Ruben Fleischer is scheduled for release on Feb. 18.

Holland recently confirmed that he will also be playing Fred Astaire in an untitled biopic by Sony Pictures on the acting legend.

"Oh, I am playing Fred Astaire," he told AP on Monday. "The script came in a week ago; I haven’t read it yet. They haven’t given it to me. I know Amy Pascal has the script. She Facetimed me earlier when I was in the bath and we had a lovely Facetime. But I will be playing Fred Astaire."

Bernthal, on the other hand, will feature in a movie, "Sharp Stick," which is under post-production and expected to release next year. He will also star in a miniseries, "We Own This City."

is Tom Holland in Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse
Tom Holland is pictured at Comic Con Sao Paulo on Dec. 8, 2018 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Rebeca Figueiredo Amorim/Getty Images for Sony