The new "Tomorrowland" trailer reveals Hugh Laurie's character, the residents of Tomorrowland, retro spaceships and more. Disney

Director Brad Bird (“Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol,” “The Incredibles”) has created a movie world out of the idealistic ethos that inspired Tomorrowland in Disney theme parks around the world. Starring George Clooney, Hugh Laurie and Britt Robertson, “Tomorrowland” is about a teenage girl who finds the key to a world unlike her own. Bird has largely kept the film's plot details under wraps, but in the newly released second trailer from Disney, we catch our first full glimpse of Laurie’s character, see what Tomorrowland looks like inside the city, and discover more powers of the mysterious pin.

Can’t wait until you get your ticket in May? Check out these four stunning moments from the new trailer:

1. More pin transportation. As we saw in the first trailer, Casey’s (Britt Robertson) newly found pin has the ability to transport her to Tomorrowland (when she holds it) and plop her back to reality (when she drops it). In the trailer, we see her holding it in a car speeding over fields of wheat. That parallel existence (one foot on earth and the other in another dimension) could be something that causes big problems for its characters.

2. Rare in-city footage of Tomorrowland. The flowing futuristic togas, the super clean streets and the jet packs! This reworked retro look of the future has elements of old 1930s serials like “Flash Gordon” with the sleekness of post-WWII modern designs. And of course, in the future, everything flies.

3. The Doctor (House) is in. A split-second look at the 1:27 mark gives us our first look at the brilliant scientist David Nix, played by TV's former Dr. House, Hugh Laurie. This isn’t Laurie’s first Disney film, however. In 1996, he played one of Cruella De Vil’s hapless henchmen, Jasper, in "101 Dalmatians."

4. Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Just when you thought you recognized all of the previous trailer's scenes -- many of the fight sequences were part of the New York Comic Con preview -- the second promo offers some more "Tomorrowland" insight. Right before the trailer ends, specifically at the 2-minute mark, there are a lot of old vintage spaceships zooming amid blue waves of lightning-like electricity.

“Tomorrowland” lands in theaters May 22.