The Tony Awards are not happening this year, but fans can still catch a few of their favorites from Broadway on the small screen. “Snowpiercer” isn’t exactly what viewers would associate with musical theater, but the TNT TV series includes two Tony Award winners, Daveed Diggs and Lena Hall.

With a cabaret onboard, fans might expect Diggs to join Hall on stage in the night car, but he said don’t get too excited.

“No, I’ll spoil that for everybody, I am not rapping,” he chuckled to International Business Times at New York Comic Con. “But the cabaret is well-used, so you can guess. It’s a cabaret.”

It seems like the “Hamilton” star, who won his Tony for playing Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson in the show, is leaving the performing to his co-star Hall. The actress, who won her Tony for playing Yitzak in “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” portrays Miss Audrey, the manager and performer of the night car. Diggs’ Andre is the train detective.

Snowpiercer show
Tony winner Daveed Diggs stars in "Snowpiercer" Season 1. Behind him is co-star Lena Hall. TNT

Luckily, Andre has plenty of reason to be in the night car. His ex-wife—who he is still in love with—works there, and his murder investigation keeps leading him back there. In the trailer for Sunday’s episode (“Snowpiercer” Season 1, episode 4) shows Andre declaring that the killer is from First Class while Miss Audrey tells him to “step carefully.”

When Hall spoke to IBT, she called Miss Audrey “the mother of the train,” but she’s not just a caring person. She has psychic abilities as an empath, helping passengers escape the terrors of the train momentarily. However, that power is used when she performs as well.

“To me, singing is like one of the purest forms of an emotional connection… Whenever I sing [as Miss Audrey], I kind of command an entire audience to feel something, to feel that exact thing. So that’s how it’s worked in,” Hall told a small group of reporters at NYCC.

Though she couldn’t spill which songs will be heard, she said that she’s happy with the selection. “The songs that they did pick are very intentional, and I think they’re well done,” Hall added to IBT.

The first song Miss Audrey performed in the Night Car was “Say It Ain’t So Joe” by rocker Murray Head. She’ll get a couple of other songs in before the end of the 10-episode first season.

“Snowpiercer” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EDT on TNT.

Snowpiercer TV show
Tony winner Lena Hall stars in "Snowpiercer" Season 1. TNT/Justina Mintz