If you’ve been dying to see Bong Joon-Ho’s Best Picture Oscar winner “Parasite,” the good news is that you’ll be able to stream it really soon. One streaming service has been granted exclusive U.S. streaming rights in a deal with the film’s studio, Neon.

Starting Wednesday, April 8, “Parasite” will be available for streaming on Hulu, the streamer announced. It is an exclusive deal, meaning “Parasite” will not be streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime or any other platform any time soon.

“Parasite” took home four Academy Awards of its six nominations, alongside countless others -- such as two BAFTA awards, a Golden Globe Award and an Independent Spirit Award. Not only did the film win Best International Film at the Academy Awards, but it also made award show history for being the first South Korean film to win Best Picture.

“Parasite” follows a down-on-their-luck family as they con their way into the home of a rich family by posing as workers. The genre-bending film is described somewhat like a hybrid of romance, comedy, drama, and thriller all in one.

Recently, Joon-Ho and writer Han Jin-Won were accused of plagiarizing the plot. According to India Today, Indian producer P.L. Thenappan made the claim that “Parasite” follows the plot of his film, the 1999 rom-com entitled “Minsara Kanna,” a little too closely. Thenappan apparently said that he’s looking into hiring international lawyers to take the plagiarism case a step further.

However, the director K.S. Ravikumar isn’t nearly as upset at the producer. “I’m happy that the story has received an Oscar,” Ravikumar said. “Even if it served as an inspiration. However, filing a case is up to the producer.”

According to Soompi, production company CJ Entertainment said they were unaware of the copycat allegations. “We have no knowledge about plagiarism claims from an Indian film. We have not received any information regarding this issue,” a rep reportedly told Star Today.

It isn’t known if legal action will be pursued at this time, but it hasn’t affected the success of “Parasite,” which is still set to be released for streaming on Hulu this spring.

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"Parasite" won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2020. Neon