Autocorrect -- it's one of the most popular topics of conversation when criticizing the many features of Apple's iPhone.

If you're iPhone savvy and consider yourself to be a pro at churning out messages, then you've definitely experienced the woes of sending out a misunderstood text.

But it goes without saying that the blame is not yours. Many times you might be typing away at your iPhone, sending out a message and before you know it, getting a hostile message as a response.

Little did you know, your cell phone has changed the White House into a whorehouse, or turned songs into dongs.

The autocorrect feature, which is popular for not always being so correct, tries to fix typos and misspellings in your messages.

But while the feature is more famous for doing the opposite, a website called, in association with the Pophangover blog network, invites anyone who has ever experienced an auto-correct misfire to send in a screen grab of the damage.

Jillian Madison, creator and editor of the Pophangover sites, told ABC News that the website has already collected hundreds of submissions and attracted about one million page views.

It's obviously striking a chord with people, she said.

According to the ABC News article, Madison said the idea came from a few embarrassing auto-corrects of her own.

Not so long ago, when texting a co-worker, her cell phone turned let's goooo into let's hookup. Another time, her phone sent a message with the word fellatio instead of gelato.

I just got so fed up with being humiliated by them and I said I can't be the only person experiencing this, she said.

Since the site has hit the web, it's been bombarded with screen-shots of iPhones, Android phones and other smartphones.

Everyone's experiencing it. It's something we can all relate to. It's kind of laugh along with everyone's pain, she said.

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