Starting a new leaf in another country is always an exciting prospect. But it could be a nightmare especially if you don’t speak their native tongue. Good thing, that’s an easy hurdle to cross as you can learn a new language through different online platforms. Hence, it’ll be easy for you to adjust to the new environment as soon as you land.

But where do you start? Which languages would be beneficial to your career growth? Here are some of the most in-demand languages in the corporate world.


Considered as the lingua franca of the world, English is a must study for anyone dreaming of reaching the top of the corporate ladder. It is the primary language used in 94 countries and the official language of 20 of the most prominent organizations in the world. This makes English a necessary language to learn if you wish to start a career in another part of the world.


Mandarin and other languages and dialects used in Mainland China are slowly gaining prominence in the business world. It is easy to understand why -- people who are considered as native speakers account for 14.4% of the world’s population. Additionally, the Chinese economy saw significant expansion in recent years. It even overtook the size of the U.S. economy in 2018. With more Chinese speakers and businesses venturing outside their home country, it is the proper time to learn yourself some Mandarin.


Hola! If that’s the only Spanish word you can say when you encounter a Hispanic colleague, your Spanish school teacher will be very disappointed. Spanish is the most spoken language in the Americas. There are about 37 million people who use the language in the U.S. alone. The number is expected to increase in the coming years as the Hispanic population doubles. The British Council also claimed that about 34% of businesses in the United Kingdom use Spanish as well as their main language for communicating.


Having the ability to speak and read Arabic is a must-have especially if you are entering the energy sector and other related businesses. The Middle East is one of the growing economic regions in the world. It is full of wealthy and ready-to-spend consumers who travel around the world and attend World Cup games. Having the ability to converse in Arabic will allow you to work and enjoy life in 28 countries, where Arabic is the official language. 


Germany is a European superpower that presents a lot of opportunities for you to thrive -- making German a must-learn language if you wish to grow your career here. To sweeten things up, German is also used in most of the economic centers in Europe like Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg -- leaving you with plenty of career and travel options. 

Where To Study?

Study Check out these amazing online platforms to learn a new language today. Photo: Наталия Когут / Pixabay

Given the power of the Internet and technology, it is easier and more accessible for you to learn a new language today. Open a laptop, go online and you’ll be all set to start your journey. Here are some of the best places to study and learn important languages in the business world.


English4Today Brush up on your English skills with English4Today. Photo:

English4Today offers the best resources for learners to have a good grasp of the English language -- whether you’re a beginner or someone who just needs help in reviewing their English skills. 

Aside from individual services, the company has also been supporting business clients since 2004. Its services are easily customizable to help address the needs of their clients. Its corporate customers can easily track the progress of their employees who are required to learn the language.

To try English4Today’s amazing track record in helping professionals have a good command of the English language, register today!

Fluent City

Fluent City Fluent City Photo:

If you want to learn more than English, Fluent City is the place for you. This platform offers group sessions and private classes to suit your needs. It has courses covering several languages like Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish and German. 

It is also accessible and affordable as the company offers its courses based on your level of proficiency. For example, Fluent City offers a Spanish beginner’s class (Level 1) starting at $399. This course will allow you access to 20 hours of live instruction with your fellow learners guided by an experienced instructor. There’s also beginner classes for German and Mandarin.