Britney Spears is back and how! After building up the already high anticipation with small doses of videos for her much-awaited track 'Hold it against me' through a series of under-15-second teasers on Youtube, the pop star has finally premiered the video.

Britney, however, is not new to making comebacks. The trouble-prone star has several times in the past taken long hiatuses from making music and has come back with a bang, and almost all of the time with a stunning video. A good example of the star's video comeback is the 2007's 'Gimmie More'. Although the video got harsh comments, there were some rave reviews as well. And as goes the saying 'Any publicity is good publicity', the video worked well for Britney.

So here is a recall of of the Top 5 popular/outrageous videos of Britney Spears.

First things first: 'Hold it Against Me' Video Premier

The video for Britney Spears's new single, Hold It Against Me, premiered Thursday night at 9:55 p.m. ET on MTV and on the internet.

The audio of track was released in mid-January and in the very first week, the single sold more than 411,000 downloads. Despite the instant success, Britney maintained the buzz with her super-short teasers which neither had much of music nor coherency. YouTube reported a spike in the number of viewers on the Britney Spears Channel and also revealed that some of the teaser clips were the most shared and topped the trends list.

The new album, titled 'Femme Fatale', is slated for release in March.

Start the slideshow to see the Top 5 videos of Britney Spears before 'Hold it against me':