Top Gun 3D
Get your 3D glasses ready for the "Top Gun" re-release this February. Wiki

Despite rumors that have been circulating of a supposed “Top Gun” sequel in the works, the 26-year-old Tom Cruise film won’t be getting a next chapter like some fans had hoped. The film has been a contender for a sequel for the past quarter of a century, due to the popularity of the 80s classic, but fans will have to settle for “Top Gun 3D” instead of a new movie.

The New York Times claims that due to the suicide of “Top Gun” director Tony Scott, Paramount Pictures has elected to scrap the idea of continuing the fighter pilot franchise. The studio plans to release the new 3D version of the old “Top Gun” after the recent success of 3D re-releases, and the film’s apparent popularity.

After seeing the newfound success for older films re-released in 3D, like “Titanic” and “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace,” both of which were originally released in the late 90s, Paramount feels that it could make its “Top Gun” product more lucrative with a 3D conversion. The film has already been altered for 3D compatibility, but the studio is holding off on releasing the revamped movie to pay proper respect to the death of director Tony Scott.

The new edition of “Top Gun” is slated for a February 2013 release, according to the NY Times.

Screen Rant notes that if the studio had released the film in close proximity to the deceased director’s death, the film’s gross would likely have been heightened. However, It appears that Paramount is trying not to cash in on the unfortunate death of Scott, allowing a few months for those close to him to grieve before promoting their latest venture.

However, Screen Rant felt differently about the matter. “If anything, allowing Scott’s fans to take part in public showings of 'Top Gun 3-D' could feel something like catharsis,” Screen Rant wrote. “Better sooner than later.”