Pinterest--the new social network based off of photo-sharing--recently became one of the top five social networks on the Internet. As it continues to close in on the type of traffic that brands such as Twitter and Facebook have, Pinterest is becoming popular among celebrities and large companies.

With that in mind, we've created a list of the most important celebrities, brands and other pinners on Pinterest that you must follow:

Alexis Ohanian (Founder of Reddit)

Alexis Ohanian has one board called Stuff I Upvote. He pulls content directly from the news community he's helped create, Reddit. Ohanian's only Pinterest board gives Reddit users insight into how he's using his own site. More importantly, Pinterest gives a much more visual display of this information than Ohanian's Reddit profile.

Paula Dean (celebrity chef)

Paula Dean has 25 boards all neatly organized into recipes for different occasions, a few kitchen accessories and books. For anyone that loves cooking a delicious meal or baking a tasty dessert, Paula Dean is the perfect pinner to follow.

Christine Martinez (blogger of Miles to Style)

Christine Martinez describes herself as having a penchant for EVERYTHING and her 74 boards reflect that. Being the founder of the fashion blog Miles To Style, Martinez frequently posts fashionable photos, design ideas and a few quirky photos on Pinterest boards such as Presents for Pooches or The Dogs of Instagram.

Amia Sia (textile print designer at Society6)

This popular textile print designer posts about several fashionable topics including wardrobes and interior design ideas. Sia also has boards dedicated to illustrations, photography, textiles and painting.

Michael Kors (fashion designer at Michael Kors)

Michael Kors, the world-famous New York City designer, has embraced Pinterest and has a small collection of boards--19 total--with titles such as Style Tips, Watch Out! and Closet Space. To supplement all the fashion boards, Kors posts a few peeks into his social life on boards such as Read, which includes books he's reading, or Places, which includes photos from the trips he's taken around the world.

Yoko Ono (peace activist)

Yoko Ono, the widowed wife of John Lennon, describers herself with just a few words: I love dancing. I think it's better to dance than to march through life, says her Pinterest bio. Ono's Pinterest account consists of one board titled Imagine Peace, which is the name of her website. On the aboard, Ono posts personal photos such as this family photo of her and her mother. She also includes some pictures of John Lennon and various memorials to him.

Nina Garcia (fashion director at Marie Claire)

The fashion director from Marie Claire needs no introduction. She pins primarily fashion photos for various occasions and seasons. Her Pinterest account is currently made up of 66 boards. She's the perfect those interested in the larger trends at play in the fashion world. She also offers ideas about how to mix and match sets of clothing.

Whole Foods

Foodies cannot pass up on the Whole Foods Pinterest account, which consists of 21 boards. Each board is dedicated to different seasonal treats such as the board named Winter Holiday Favorites. Other boards focus on meals for a special occassion such as What's for dinner?, which bookmarks recipes from around the Web including those from the Whole Foods website.

West Elm

If you're designing the interior or exterior of any building, you'll want to follow this popular housewares retail store. West Elm's Pinterest account description is short and sweet: West Elm designs clean, simple products for modern living, says the company. The 31 boards on the account are mostly made of interior designs categorized by color or pattern including boards such as Aquamarine or Modernist.


The popular vintage and handmade e-commerce website has a very active Pinterest account that features items from across the many stores that exist on the sales platform. The 25 boards on the Etsy Pinterest account are organized into a wide spectrum of subjects including boards such as Artsy Fartsy Board, Cards and Stationary, Cool Spaces, DIY Projects, and Gift Ideas.


For staying on top of all the latest trends in design and boutique fashion, the Refinery29 Pinterest account s nearly as helpful as the brand's website. Refinery29 describes their unique take on Pinterest as such: Discovering the newest and best in style, shopping, and emerging trends from the runways to the streets. Though the company only has 11 boards, each is carefully curated, and since the brand was built on the curation of such items, you can bet that the Pinterest account lives up to the expectations.


As king of all-things-viral on the internet, Buzzfeed has created a Pinterest account to keep track of the hottest subjects on the web including Siracha Hot Sauce and cute animals. The description from the popular news aggregator boasts, We're going to be awesome at Pinterest, too. With boards such as 90s Nostalgia, and WTF, I Don't Even, we have no doubt that they'll live up to their promise.


This social media website has firmly planted its foot into the Pinterest universe with 14 boards highlighting social media sats, tech and gadget s and infographics. If your hope is to stay informed about social media, Mashable will keep you informed with the latest info from across the web.