Jessica Alba goes toxin-free with The Honest Company

Working mom Jessica Alba is adding entrepreneur to her many titles, shifting from movie star to businesswoman with a venture that provides parents easy access to eco-friendly natural products for babies and homes.

Infants Learn Language by Lip Reading, Could Assist in Autism Diagnosis

Infants learn language not merely by listening to what other people say but also by lip reading, according to a recent research.The study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on Monday has defied conventional beliefs that babies learn to speak through sound alone.

UK Survey Finds Science Misconduct 'Alive and Well'

More than one in 10 British-based scientists or doctors have witnessed colleagues intentionally altering or fabricating data during their research, according to a survey by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) on Thursday.

Bachmann's Iran Embassy Flub: GOP Candidate's Top 10 Gaffes [VIDEO]

Michele Bachmann had yet another oops moment on Nov. 30 when she argued that she would remove the U.S. embassy from Iran if she were president. The problem? America hasn't had an embassy in Iran since 1980. Here, watch the GOP presidential hopeful's top ten gaffes, from her confusion about Libya to the founding fathers.

Study: Autism Key in Too Many Brain Cells, Pre-Birth Development

A UC San Diego study shows autistic children have an average of 67 percent more brain cells, with significantly heavier brains than their normally developing peers. The excess of brain cells in the prefrontal cortex suggest autism begins in the womb, not (as previously imagined) in infancy or toddlerhood. Extra brain cells cause autistic kids to have too much of a good thing.

UK-U.S. Extradition Review Deals Blow to Hacker

An extradition treaty with the United States is not biased against British criminal suspects, a judge-led review said on Tuesday, dealing a blow to campaigners fighting to stop a computer hacker being sent to stand trial in America.