A 29-year-old autistic British woman has been banned from having sexual intercourse on the grounds that she doesn't have the ability to understand the implications of the act.

According to the Daily Mail, Justice Hedley's order bans the woman from having sex and also prevents anyone from trying to have sex with her. Those who try to lure her into a sexual intercourse will face rape or sexual assault charges.

The order was issued in a bid to insulate the woman from potentially exploitative and damaging relationships. The judge said that the woman had already been involved in risky behavior with people, the report added.

It is strange, but nevertheless true, that even the freedom to make unwise decisions is one that the court is required to guard and only to restrict if and when the best interests of (the woman) so require, said Justice Hedley.

The verdict was given by the UK's Court of Protection which takes care of the medical needs and finances of people who have been judged by experts as vulnerable. It has faced criticism time and again for being secretive while handling difficult moral cases, the paper noted.