The search for a missing eight-year-old California boy who has severe autism resumed on Tuesday after bad weather subsided.

Joshua Robb reportedly escaped from his school, Grandview Elementary in the Twin Peaks area, by squeezing through a fence in the playground. Authorities said he ran into the surrounding forest area.

He has a history of running away, his parents said.

I'm sad, frustrated, angry, Joshua's father, Ronnie Robb, told KTLA News.  I'm hoping he is a survivor like me. I'm just hoping that he's safe and OK. He's a bit of a daredevil with the autism. He doesn't really have any fear.

Joshua's parents recently lost custody of him. They were moving things out of their foreclosed home last month when a real estate agent noticed they had tied Joshua to the house, The Associated Press reported.

We had to lightly tether him while we were moving stuff out of our house, said Robb in interviews. We know for a fact that the reason he escaped was because he was trying to look for mom and dad.

Joshua reportedly had been staying with a teacher before he ran away.

The boy has brown hair and brown eyes. He is about four-foot-six and weighs between 60 and 75 pounds. He was last seen wearing a tan and gray shirt with black shorts and gray sandals, the Los Angeles Times reported.

He's reportedly afraid of loud noises.

His family believes, and experts on autism that I've spoken to believe, that he would likely run from them, said Ron Ellis, San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department spokesperson.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Twin Peaks sheriff's station at (909) 336-0600 or (909) 387-8313.