Let's face it, hipsters are taking over. New Yorkers have already abandoned much of Brooklyn to their ironic mustaches. But one coffee shop is fighting back. San Francisco coffee shop Four Barrel has banned "talking about annoying hipster topics" from their back alley coffee shop on Caledonia Street.

SFist, Gothamist's sister site, uncovered the anti-hipster sign. The rule is buried among some pretty common requests asking patrons to "please be respectful of our Caledonia neighbors." Apparently, many neighboring businesses are fed up with some of the coffee shop's hipster clientele. Can you really blame them?

Most rules are centered around bringing dishes back inside, or clearing out trash, but the final note is very specific about the kinds of conversations patrons should be engagin in. "Not talking about annoying hipster topics," the final rule reads. "Or who you f**ked last night. You shouldn't do that anyhow, but our neighbors actually can hear you."

One has to wonder, exactly how far do these rules go? Is all discussion on the new Bon Iver record banned? Can patrons not discuss where they bought their flannel shirt?

Of course, one can't help but see a little bit of irony in these requests. Four Barrel is a notoriously hip hangout spot in San Francisco, and the California city practically birthed beatniks and the original hipster movement from its coffee shops in the 1950s. Not to mention, the rule sheet was signed with the ironically cutesy phrase, "Mucho smoocho."

After the picture began making the rounds on other sites such as Gawker and the Huffington Post, Four Barrel Alley responded by amending their rules one more time. The alley coffee shop's Twitter account posted a new sign, with an additional rule reading "don't instagram these rules, you hipster."