YouTube chief mulls paid subscription

-YouTube is exploring selling subscriptions to access to some of its video offerings, potentially providing a way for certain cable channels to be available outside the traditional bundles offered by cable network providers, said YouTube boss Salar Kamangar.

Florida County Supervisors Resist Voter Purge

Florida election supervisors are refusing to go forward with a purge of non-citizen voters from the rolls, removing themselves from an escalating fight between the state and the Obama administration.

Florida Voting Law, Immigrant Voter Purge Halted

In a double blow to Florida's controversial push to prevent election fraud, a federal judge blocked the state's new voting law and the Justice Department ordered the state to halt a purge of noncitizens from its voter rolls.


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Florida Democrats Push Back On Gov. Scott's Voter Purge

Democratic lawmakers from Florida are urging Gov. Rick Scott to abandon an effort to clear ineligible voters from the state's rolls, pointing to early warning signs that legitimately registered voters could be barred from voting.
President Barack Obama

Why Women Shouldn?t Support Obama

The president has shown in recent weeks that while he may be interested in their votes, he doesn?t really value women?s interests.