Assad Fire

A 'Great Victory' For Assad?

After the U.S. and six other world powers signed the nuclear deal with Iran, the Syrian regime is celebrating the changing world order.
Bandar bin Sultan

Iran Deal 'Will Wreak Havoc'

Bandar Bin Sultan, a former Saudi spy chief, said that the deal provides further support to Iran, which is "a major player in the destabilization of the region."

Everything (And Nothing) Has Changed

The Iran deal will theoretically stall Tehran's plans to develop nuclear weapons, but it will do nothing to prevent the build up of weapons in the region.

Pundits React to Iran Deal

"I hope that Obama will study the reality of Iranian activity in the region and begin to push back against Iran’s ambitions with more alacrity than ... so far."

The Race To Tehran

Iran's market will open up for international investment, but not right away.

The Size Of Iran's Nuclear Arsenal

In 2009, Iran already had 7,200 centrifuges, meaning that, even then, Iran could produce two nuclear weapons a year, weapons experts said.

A Done Deal That Can Be Undone

The deal with Iran could easily be reversed by the next president when Obama leaves office, causing any hope for a lasting impact to crumble.

An Iran Battle Brews On Capitol Hill

Legislation passed in May will make it very difficult for the Republican-controlled Congress to reverse the president's deal with Iran — but that won't stop them from trying.