Israel Accuses Iran Of Bus Bombing In Bulgaria

Israel accused Iran of carrying out a bomb attack that killed six people on a bus carrying Israeli tourists at a Bulgarian airport Wednesday, and vowed a stern response to Iranian terror.

One Million Refugees Have Left Somalia: UN

While the world's deadliest famine has officially ended, remaining food shortages coupled with insecurity and fighting between African Union forces and militant group al-Shabab have wreaked havoc on the nation and its people.


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'Offsetting' Campaign To Save Forests To Be Announced At Rio+20

Five major corporations will join the emergency campaign to save the world's threatened forests by pledging to buy REDD multimillion dollar credits from projects protecting threatened forests around the world, the campaign announced Tuesday at the U.N. Conference on Sustainable Development, commonly known as Rio+20.
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Kenya Asks US/EU To Join Fight Against Al Shabab

Washington, which put a $33 million bounty on the heads of six al Shabab commanders last week, said on Sunday that it will continue to provide assistance to the African Union Mission in Somalia, of which Kenya is a part, but did not elaborate.