Expected Major Tornado Outbreak In Central US Gets Under Way

A tornado touched down close to the National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Okla., on Friday around 4 p.m. CDT -- the first in a series of twisters that the service's forecasters project will hit the central U.S. this weekend.

Friday The 13th: R.L. Stein Tells Scary Story On Twitter [FULL TEXT]

Friday the Thirteenth is considered to be a super unlucky day since both Friday and the number 13 are considered unlucky according to ancient folklore. While many superstitious people avoid black cats, mirrors, funerals processions and other scary things. But for spooky writer R.L. Stein, Friday the 13th, which occurs three times this year, is an opportunity to celebrate. the popular scary story writer shared a short tale of horror with his fans via Hub TV's Twitter account on Friday ...

Bay Bridge: Nine Bolts of Lightning Strike San Francisco Bridge in Intense Storm [PHOTOS]

The chances of being struck by lightning in a lifetime are quite slim, one in one million according to the National Weather Service, but the San Francisco Bay Bridge defied odds Thursday night during an intense storm captured in photos. Photographer Phil McGrew snapped photos of the storm, showing the Bay Bridge being struck by not one, not two, but nine bolts of lightning.

Gold Prices Ease For Second Day

Gold eased for a second consecutive day on Thursday, but was still set for its largest weekly gain in six weeks, thanks to the toll the re-emergence of the euro zone debt crisis has taken on investor risk appetite.


Troll Face

Samantha Brick: Photos Of ‘Pretty’ Daily Mail Writer Ignite New Meme [PHOTOS]

When the Daily Mail published Samantha Brick's women hate me because I'm beautiful article they probably knew that the backlash against the somewhat pompous opinion piece would be enormous. In fact, it's very likely that the article was published to intentionally trigger an angry response that would drive internet traffic to the Daily Mail's website (online this is called trolling). The latest development in the Samantha Brick saga is a slew of visual spoofs on Brick's...
Texas Tornado

Texas Tornadoes: Photos Of The Devastating Damage [PHOTOS]

Tornado season runs from March until June, but April showed that it is definitely the peak of Tornadi season. On Tuesday the Dallas-Fort Worth area was hit by tornadoes causing widespread damage. A number of injuries have been reported, but no reports of fatalities at the present time, said Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst.