Bite-sized hail hammered cities in the Texas Panhandle so hard on Wednesday that it has left up to 4-feet of ice in some areas.

Maintenance crews worked throughout Thursday and into Friday to try and clear the roads of the dumped ice that reached waist-height for most members of the public.

The deluge of hail hammered the area of north Amarillo, Texas, for two hours on Wednesday, mixing with the mud and dust, which created large mounds of mushy dirt.

It was crazy, National Weather Service Meteorologist Justyn Jackson said about the strange storm, the Associated Press reported.The hail was real small, but there was a lot of it in a concentrated area, accumulating 2- to 4-feet deep, he said.

There were just piles of hail, said Maribel Martinez with the Amarillo/Potter/Randall Office of Emergency Management.Some of the cars were just buried in hail and people were trapped in their cars.

On Thursday, emergency crews were called after flooding was reported in low-lying areas. Work crews were spotted in road-side ditches trying to break up ice jams and debris that blocked key drainage systems in the area.

We've got five, 6-foot high icebergs along the roadway, Braun said. If we get another rainstorm it will flood again, Paul Braun, a Texas Department of Transportation spokesman in Amarillo told the AP.  

This is not the first time the area has been hard by hail. A picture on the National Weather Service's Facebook Page shows hail the size of golf balls that landed in Amarillo just last year.

More storms are expected to hit Texas on Saturday and Sunday. Strong-to-severe thunderstorms will likely hit north Texas early morning Saturday and could bring hail again. While a tornado warning hasn't been put into place yet, the National Weather Service says they should not be be ruled out, the Christian Science Monitor reported.