No, this isn't a publicity stunt for the upcoming Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises. On the Baltimore Orioles Opening Day, fans and players got a little more than they expected. A cape-wearing, Batman-underwear-clad man streaked across the field.

For more than a minute Batman took over the field as he danced in his underwear and ran away from cops. This superhero didn't vanish into the night after his stint though; he was instead tackled by numerous policemen and thrown in jail. Luckily for this revealing Batman, who has been identified as Mark Harvey, he was released without charges. Harvey will have to pay the price for his crime though. Besides sitting in jail for 13 hours, the 26-year-old man is now banned for life from the Orioles stadium.

While police and Orioles officials didn't find Harvey's prank funny, the Internet seems to be enjoying the view of him running in his underwear. More than a quarter million people have watched Harvey storm across the field, reports CBS Baltimore.

So why did he decide to jump on the field? One, it was my birthday, said Harvey to CBS Baltimore. And I just love to make people laugh and get them going, so I was like what's better to do than go to Opening Day and do it, so I went with it.

As for how he feels after the event, Harvey told the reporter that he doesn't recommend others doing it. Trust me. They tackle you hard.

Overall Harvey ended up getting off pretty easy, but future field trespassers beware. Letting Harvey off was a Misstep we won't make again, said the State Attorney's Office. Those who trespass the field will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, explained Monica Barlow. Otherwise, you'll have more people doing this.