Johnathan Ramsey, an 11-year-old boy from Ellis County, Texas was found dead after he was left in a bedroom to starve by his father and stepmother.

Aaron Ramsey said he locked his son in a bedroom after the boy allegedly hit his pregnant stepmother, Elizabeth Ramsey in the stomach, causing her to suffer a miscarriage. She lost triplets.

Aaron Ramsey wrapped his son's body in a sleeping bag and dumped his body in an abandoned storm shelter after finding him unresponsive on the bedroom floor one day.

He later moved his son's body out into the woods in a field south of Ennis.

The couple said they gave the boy military rations, of only bread and water as punishment for his 'violent episodes.'

Aaron Ramsey told investigators he saw the boy eat his own feces at one point.

His weight dropped from a healthy 90 pounds to fewer than 60. He was unable to walk because he was so weak and thin. Elizabeth Ramsey told investigators that the boy looking like one of those kids you see on commercials from Africa and that he was really thin and explained that he was unable to walk at times due to loss of strength.

The boy's grandfather went to the police Friday after being unable to contact his grandson for several months. The grandparents sent the boy birthday and Christmas parents but never received a response. After nearly 9 months, the grandfather got suspicious and called the police.

Reports say that Johnathan Ramsey may have been dead for a long time, possibly for an entire year.

Johnathan Ramsey's mother, who lives in New Mexico, also tried to get in touch with her son but was unable to do so.

Aaron Ramsey would lie to the boy's mother about how he was doing and his location. He told the boy's mother that he was unavailable to talk whenever she called.

Whenever she contacted the father, he would give a reason of where the child was, Deputy Chief Sherryl Scott told

Rita Woodruff, a neighbor of the Ramsey's, said she only saw the boy once or twice last summer, but both times he was looking sickly.

His little arms were just thin ... too thin for a 10-year-old child, she said to CBSDFW.

Aaron Ramsey and Elizabeth Ramsey are being held at the Dallas County Jail for a bond of $500,000 each.