Former Microsoft Courier Team Members Release New IPad Apps

Members of the team that were formerly working on Microsoft's foldable tablet device, Microsoft Courier, have released apps for the new iPad. The apps are meant to be used in the iPad's landscape mode, giving users the largest available space for drawing, writing and performing other sketch-book functions.

Spotify Keeping Free, Unlimited Music Option For Users

Spotify, the music startup that has taken the Internet by storm due in large part to its presence on Facebook, has some good news for those who use the ad-supported version of the service after saying it will continue to offer unlimited music.

Jenna Talackova Ousted From Miss Universe Canada: Other Controversies Surrounding Transgender Models [PHOTOS]

Transgender model and beauty queen, Jenna Talackova, seemed to have it all. As a finalist, Talackova was competing for the dream title of Miss Universe Canada. However, after the young beauty admitted to officials that she is transgender, she was disqualified. Jenna Talackova is not alone. In the fashion and modeling industry, other have had to face similar prejudice and controversy before fame and acceptance.

South Park New Episode Exposes ‘Cash For Gold’ Conspiracy [VIDEO]

The second episode in South Park's 16th season took on Cash for Gold stores and cable shopping networks, mapping out a ridiculous conspiracy in which gold is continuously made into jewelry, sold to old Americans, gifted to their children and grandchildren, sold for a few bucks at pawn shops, smelted down and then forged into jewelry again in a never ending cycle designed to rip off the elderly. Of course Stan sets out to solve the mystery and right the wrong while Cartman attempts to cash in ...


Two Capesize bulkers anchored in a Shanghai port

Biggest Freighters Hit Hardest In Global Shipping Storm

While shipping costs have been recovering over the past month from historical lows earlier this year, rates for the biggest vessels keep falling. Mistrust in the market, bad luck for iron exporters and a slowdown in world steel consumption are to blame.
Undated, non-datelined frame grab aired by French national TV stn France 2 claims to show Mohamed Merah

Toulouse Siege Ends: Suspect Found Dead After Jump

Mohammed Merah, suspected in the killings of seven people in recent days, was found dead Thursday morning after jumping from a window of his Toulouse apartment building, France's interior minister said.
Euro coins in a montage

3 Things You Need To Know About Greece's Default

Developments in the two weeks since the credit event confirmed that the world's first test of using credit default swaps as protection involving sovereign debt turned out fairly well. But broader concerns abound, such as the fragile Greek economy and what could be in store for fellow euro zone members Spain and Portugal.