Tori Spelling
Former "Beverly Hills 90210" star Tori Spelling, pictured Jan. 10, 2010, is reportedly being pressured by husband Dean McDermott to file bankruptcy. Getty Images

Former “Beverly Hills 90210" star Tori Spelling could be the next celebrity to declare bankruptcy. Her husband, Food Network host Dean McDermott, wants her to restructure her assets after American Express filed a lawsuit against the actress-turned-reality star, Radar Online wrote in an exclusive report Thursday. She owes them nearly $40,000 in charges and a loan.

Spelling has long been plagued with financial woes, according to rumors, and her most recent debt occurred last summer after she was unable to work and the couple, with four kids, had “no money coming in,” an insider said, adding: “She was hospitalized with burns on her arms, and was in pain for months."

To get their money in order, McDermott is pressuring his wife to declare personal bankruptcy. The couple could file Chapter 7, which is liquidating their assets, or Chapter 13, which is restructuring the debt. "Dean wants Tori to file for bankruptcy because there are other credit card companies that are owed money too," the insider said. "It's surprising that [American Express] was only the first company to file a lawsuit in an attempt to get the outstanding balance paid."

It’s unlikely that Spelling, 42, will take her husband’s advice because she “refuses to even discuss the possibility of bankruptcy,” the source said. She has a large amount of clothing, memorabilia and other items in storage, but the problem is the amount of money it costs to keep them stored. And if she continues to fall deeper in debt, she is at risk of losing it all. "If Tori doesn't become current with the payments, the contents will be auctioned off. The family has no savings left,” the source said.

Though Radar Online’s insider said the tension between the couple is “off the charts,” McDermott, 49, gushed about how happy he was with the current state of his marriage during an interview with Entertainment Tonight last week. "I was just thinking about it in the car ride over here, about how grateful I am and how filled with gratitude I am that we're still together, and my life is wonderful," he said.

The lovey-dovey attitude is a drastic turn for the couple. After McDermott cheated on Spelling with mistress Emily Goodhand two years ago, they documented the struggle to save their marriage on Lifetime's "True Tori."

The couple has four children together: Liam, 8; Stella, 7; Hattie, 4, and Finn, 3.

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