Tori Spelling loves to show her expanding belly in fashionable bikinis
Tori Spelling loves to show her expanding belly in fashionable bikinis Reuters

“True Tori” might be over but between reunion specials and “never before seen scenes” Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott continue to remain a hot topic. In bonus footage from the reality show, which documented their attempt to repair their fragile marriage, Spelling revealing even though her husband, 47, said their sex life “wasn’t that fantastic” the former “90210” star essentially said she was as adventurous in bed as one could be.

Spelling, 41, said her husband wasn’t truthful when he talked about what went on under their sheets. “Like he was wanting more sex from me. Wanting more adventurous stuff we were doing. I was doing everything he wanted,” she said on “True Tori: New Confessions," according to the Daily Mail.

The actress explained to her therapist why her husband’s infidelity hurt so deep: she had been trying to do everything in her power to please him.

“That's why when this happened it was such a slap in my face,” she said. “Because I was not only giving him more sex I was doing things I'm sure no married couple of seven years with four tiny kids at home are doing.”

She didn’t elaborate the type of acts in which they engaged, but it could be revealed when the full episode airs on Lifetime. The couple, after all, has already shared some of their most intimate details with the public.

“Maybe the truth is he's been doing this all along," she mused about McDermott cheating, “And we would never even know and this is just the one time he got caught.”

“True Tori: New Confessions” will air on Lifetime Tuesday at 9/8c.

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