Total War Rome 2
Total War Rome 2

Creative Assembly has released the notes for the first "Total War: Rome 2" patch. Read the patch notes below.

"Total War: Rome 2" Official Patch 1 Patch Notes

• Higher average frame rates with out-of-the-box settings (more conservative settings)

• Fix for DirectX 10.0 Lighting issue reported -- environment map wasn't being created leading to black reflections.

• Fixed a sunken Samothrace temple complex world wonder on the Campaign map.

• Fixed defender being able to create encampments when involved in a combined battle.

• Added some localization fixes to audio packs in French, Russian, Italian, German and Spanish.

• Fixed lock up in Multiplayer Campaign battles when a desynchronisation occurs. Players are now notified of the desynchronisation, and the battle ends.

• Fixed Multiplayer Campaign battle "overrun" prompt, which was not being shown to a player if they were a reinforcement and the other player was spectating.

• Fixed corrupt loading screen when changing to fullscreen / windowed mode after a battle, and then going into another battle.

• Fix for Multiplayer Campaign host being unable to move the camera in campaign, after reloading a save game on some rare occasions.

• Safe guards added to prevent a very rare crash in coastal assault battles.

• Fix for game lock up during end turn sequence / Celtic AI faction turn in single player campaign.

• Improved AI use of walls on Athens large settlement battle map.

• Improvements to Auto-resolve balancing in Single Player and Multiplayer Campaign modes.

• Aligned ship unit upkeep costs with land units - made mercenary ships more expensive and non-mercenary ships cheaper.

• Fixed slow turning rates for transport ships.

• Improved civil war balancing in relation to campaign difficulty.

• Fixed vehicle ground pipes, to prevent Siege Towers becoming immovable when they are left empty during the Deployment Phase of a Siege Battle, then units were moved into the Siege Tower when the battle has started.

• Fixed bug when ramming sideways into moving ship, which caused the ramming ship stick to target and strafe along with it in battles.

• Reduced the chance of Naval units sometimes clipping through the ground or harbours / ports during Port Assault battles when attempting to disembark.

• Fixed issue where armies would be stuck in Muster stance and could not exit that stance in Campaign modes.

• Fixed case where spies could get stuck on top of fleets in Campaign modes.

• Fixed rare post battle lockup in Campaign modes.

• Improved unit pathfinding in Barbarian village battle maps (fixed no go zones).

• Fix for Multiplayer Campaign lock up when the player was reinforcing an AI ally who was victorious in battle, causing the player to become stuck with no victory / continue / exit battle user interface functionality.

• Fix for cultural influence bonus from the Shrine of Neptune building

• Fix for “Zone of Controls” of hidden armies being visible to both players in head to head Multiplayer Campaign mode on mouse-over.

• Assorted minor fixes to city battle maps.

• Fix for "Rome Wasn't Built in a Day" achievement failing to unlock when its requirements were met in some situations.

"Total War: Rome 2" is the highly-anticipated sequel to 2004's "Rome: Total War," and was released on September 3. Many "Total War: Rome 2" players have already complained about a number of issues ranging from graphical performance to AI weakenesses. "Total War: Rome 2" Patch 1 aims to fix many of the game's early faults.

Though "Total War: Rome 2" Patch 1 has yet to be released, Creative Assembly promises that it will be available for download today. You can also read the official "Total War: Rome 2" Patch 1 patch notes here, on the official "Total War: Rome 2" Patch 1 forum thread.

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