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A customer who shopped groceries from a Trader Joe’s outlet in Washington D.C. on Tuesday got an unpleasant surprise after getting back home. A bag of supposedly fresh kale she got from the store, had a “very dead” lizard in it.

When Grace Goldstein unloaded the groceries after reaching home, she discovered she received an unwanted freebee inside her bag of kale that was sealed. At first, Goldstein, a project manager by profession, did not want to believe that she a dead reptile was cradled among the leaves of kale in the bag.

“It was a back and forth between denial and horror, which amounted to a lot of asking my boyfriend to see the bag of kale and identify the lizard and shrieking and pushing it away and refusing to go near it…and then asking to see it again,” Goldstein said.

A picture of the sight was posted on social media by Kate Berner, Goldstein’s friend.

After posting the picture on Twitter, many other Trader Joe’s customers came forward with their own stories of discovering disgusting items in their the store-bought food items. Among them was a user who found a two-feet-long strand of hair in her ice cream sandwich.

Not knowing what her next plan of action should be, Goldstein proceeded to reluctantly deposit the bag of kale in her freezer. “We had reached out to TJ corporate and weren’t sure if we were also going to bring it back to the local store where we bought it and didn’t want a decomposing lizard in the fridge,” Goldstein said. “It’s a little too close to my late night ice cream for comfort.”

Goldstein also said she had sworn off kale for life after her recent experience. “I’m really into spinach now,” she said.

A Trader Joe’s spokesperson told People magazine they were investigating Goldstein’s complaint. “We are committed to providing customers with great products of the highest quality and are currently working with our vendor to look into and address the matter,” the spokesperson said.

The incident occurred a day after opera singer Ciara Harvie found a dead spider inside her McChicken sandwich, which she bought at a McDonald’s outlet in Edinburgh, Scotland. Not unlike Goldstein, she too refused to believe it at first.

“I didn’t realize it was a spider at first, I just thought it was a piece of brown lettuce or something. I looked closer and was shocked to see it was a dead spider. I understand that things like this happen, and probably not very often, but I think the way they handled it was the most disappointing thing,” Harvie wrote in a Facebook post.

She claimed that she took the sandwich back to the McDonald’s counter but did not receive an apology; just a replacement sandwich that she did not accept.