Many fans are thrilled for the arrival of “Train to Busan 2” movie. Avid followers of the 2016 South Korean zombie apocalypse action thriller film were treated with an exciting update recently, specifically its possible release date.

Soompi cited a source saying that the upcoming “Train to Busan” sequel will premiere on Aug. 12, 2020.  However, the distributor of the second installment made it clear that nothing is final as of yet. “Though it is true that we are currently aiming for a summer 2020 release, we have not made any decisions regarding specific details for premiere dates in or outside of Korea,” a representative from distributor NEW said.

No other details were made public aside from the projected release date. It was, however, revealed that “Train to Busan 2” will have new cast members, which include Kang Dong Won, Lee Jung Hyun, Lee Re, Goo Kyo Hwan, Kwon Hae Kyo and Kim Min Jae. James Wan, who previously directed the “Aquaman” and “The Conjuring” movies, is said to produce the sequel.

In August 2018, director Yeon Sang Ho revealed that the second film is already in the works under the title “Peninsula.” Yeon also shared, at the time, that he was completing the screenplay and planned to kick off the shooting this year.

“It is an extension of Train to Busan, after the virus has spread throughout Korea, but the characters are not the same. It shares the same world view and is a zombie action film that deals with the aftermath on the peninsula of what happened in Train to Busan,” director Yeon Sang Ho told Screen Daily when asked to share an overview of the “Train to Busan 2” movie. “I'm still writing the script, but the scale is rather large since there will be action with something to it,” he continued.

Since Yeon revealed that the sequel is an “extension” of the first movie, fans speculated that Gong Yoo might also return. However, other reports suggested this might not be the case. Aside from the fact that the upcoming movie already have new lead stars, “Train to Busan 2” is also expected to introduce a new story and expand things a bit.

train to busan 2 First teaser of "Train to Busan" sequel titled "Bando." Photo: Naver/ Bando