A 33-year-old transgender woman died after she was stabbed in the neck during an argument over a stolen wig outside a park in Harlem, New York, on early Saturday.

The incident took place around 1:30 a.m. when the victim was sitting on a park bench on the corner of East 128th Street and 3rd Avenue near Harlem River Park, Manhattan.

Lavonia Brooks, a witness and a friend, said the victim, nicknamed “Lexi," was a prostitute who may have been attacked by another transgender streetwalker.

An unidentified assailant, suspected to be another transgender woman, approached the victim. The two began arguing and the suspect stabbed her in the neck with a blade and then hopped on a red scooter and took off.

“There was a dude riding a red scooter trying to pick up one of the girls," the witness told police, adding that the attacker hopped on the back of her “date’s motorcycle” and rode away.

The argument took place after Lexi allegedly took the wig off the other transgender woman’s head.

“It was a blonde wig. Lexi just walked past her and took the wig off her head,” Brooks said. “That prompted the other person to attack her.”

She also said the area where the incident took place was a popular hangout for the sex workers.

“She should have never snatched that wig,” Brooks said.

Lexi was rushed to NYC Health & Hospitals in Harlem where she was later pronounced dead. The police said the woman’s real identity was being withheld until family could be notified. And no arrests have been made yet.

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Representational image of a man stabbing. Pixabay