Trayvon Martin Protests Map
Scroll down for an interactive map of protests organized by Trayvon Martin supporters. Lisa Mahapatra

The day after George Zimmerman was acquitted on murder charges, Trayvon Martin supporters across the country took to the streets to protest the verdict.

Though there was concern about possible riots and violent protests, most of these gatherings were peaceful, with the exception of one in Oakland, Calif.

In Oakland, protesters turned violent -- they smashed police car windows, threw bottles and rocks at law enforcement officials, and attacked reporters, according to ABC.

More than a dozen people were arrested in Los Angeles and New York City, mostly for failure to disperse, reports MSN News.

There is even a protest planned for 4 p.m. BST outside the American Embassy in London, which currently has 393 RSVPs on Facebook.

Check out this map of protests organized by Trayvon Martin supporters across the U.S., and elsewhere. Click on any point for more info: