Music artists from Chaka Khan to Jasiri X are releasing Trayvon Martin tribute songs to show their solidarity with the family of the 17-year-old Floridian who was shot dead on Feb. 26.

The death of the teen has brought the issue of race in America under a magnifying glass and ignited tensions as police have failed to arrest or charge George Zimmerman, the 28-year-old, self-appointed neighborhood watch captain who admits that he shot the unarmed teen to death.

And it has attracted the attention of celebrities, politicians and political activists from the Rev. Jesse Jackson to President Barack Obama, who have been vocal about the case.

As awareness about the Trayvon Martin shooting spreads across the nation, a number of Trayvon Martin tribute songs have been released.

Here's our guide to the top five Trayvon Martin tribute songs, from artists as diverse as soul diva Chaka Khan and rapper Jasiri X:

1. Super Life by Chaka Khan: Chaka Khan has been making classic music for years, and she enlists a host of celebrities and guest musicians to help her create this moving tribute to Trayvon Martin. Perhaps the most accomplished song created thus far to honor Martin's memory, this video features a group of people in hoodies singing about how they want to stand tall to remember the super life of Martin and remember to live one for the rest of our lives. He's not some statistic, he's destiny denied, yes he was, goes one lyric, and a number of stars and associates of Chaka Khan's state that they are Trayvon Martin in a show of respect for his life that was cut so short. Watch the video for Super Life by Chaka Khan below:

2. We Are Trayvon by Plies: Plies may not be the best-known music act to do a Trayvon Martin song, but the Florida rapper says on the description of his tribute song's music video that he will be donating proceeds from the track's sales to the family. With spot-on and beautiful lyrics like certain people in this world the system don't like, where you live and what you're worth is how they value your life and 'Pac said it best, 'only God can judge me. Trayvon I want you to know, lil' homie you really touched me, the gravelly-voiced rapper touches listeners with this tearjerker. Watch the video for We Are Trayvon by Plies below:

3. RIP Trayvon Martin Song by Toast: The talented Philadelphia rapper Toast has a tight flow that imbues his music with an urgency and immediacy that is absent in much of popular music today. Combine that with his lyrical prowess and you have one moving song. Tell me what this world is coming to, nowadays you're lucky if you just make it to 22, Toast raps on this song, which details more specifics of the case than most other tributes. Black with a hoodie on, they wonderin' what he doin', Zimmerman was super-wrong, gotta wonder what he was on, damn did they check for that, where he get his weapon at? The system full of bullsh--, but we ain't gonna stand for that. Watch the video for RIP Trayvon Martin Song by Toast below:

4. Trayvon Martin Tribute Song by Turbo T ft. SpidaMan: This song is one of the rawer hip hop songs that have been recorded in order to pay tribute to Trayvon Martin and show solidarity with his family. Trayvon Martin, he had a couple snacks on him, had a crazya-- man with a glock on him, he was on the phone with his girl talking to her, five minutes later now the teen's screaming for his life, crazya-- man shot a teenager twice, blacks y'all know we gotta stand up and fight, says one portion of the lyrics. Watch the video for Trayvon Martin Tribute Song by Turbo T ft. SpidaMan below:

5. Trayvon by Jasiri X: 911 what's your emergency? A black man's walking through my hood, purposefully. Stay calm it's just little Trayvon, but he wanted to be the hero so he put his cape on. George Zimmerman, neighborhood block captain, loaded glock strapped in, fake cop has-been, got out the car knowing what the cop asked him, they always get away, this time that will not happen. These are the types of powerful lyrics Jasiri X spits on this moving tribute to Trayvon Martin. Taking listeners through the entire timeline of Feb. 26, the day Martin was shot, the Pittsburgh rapper leads up to his contention that the message to be taken away from the shooting death of Trayvon Martin is only white life is protected in America. Watch the video for Trayvon by Jasiri X below: