Hugh Dancy
Hugh Dancy and Rupert Everett in "Hysteria". SONY

The film Hysteria may inflict just that. The film centers on the invention of the vibrator in Victorian England! If you think its logline is intriguing, wait until you see the film. The way in which the sex toy became introduced to the public is undeniably funny. Though it's not strictly a historical piece, Hysteria's content is based on the unbelievable story of how the popular product was developed. Initially invented to treat female hysteria, which simply meant that a women wasn't doing everything she was told to do. In truth, such illness stemmed from general dissatisfaction and sexual frustration.

In the film a doctor named Mortimer Granville (Hugh Dancy) discovers that he can cure female hysteria with a vibrating device. When he meets Charlotte (Maggie Gyllenhall) he is stunned by her forwardness regarding female sexuality. The film features some of the most ridiculous montages of all time. This includes Granville's hand becoming strained from overuse and putting on goggles before trying out the device for the first time. But even with humping ducks, laughable innuendos, and a semi-sappy conclusion, Hysteria holds up as a witty romantic comedy that also educates. Throw in Rupert Everett and the film quite the crowd pleaser. Hopefully, the film will inspire more thoughtfully developed female characters and more honest portrays of sexuality.