'True Blood'
Eric killed Russell Edgington in the season five finale of "True Blood." HBO

Season six of “True Blood” is set to premiere on Sunday, but before you can dive into the new drama plaguing Bon Temps, you have to catch up on where the hit HBO series left off. We’re recapping the season five finale, episode 12, “Save Yourself.”

Russell Edgington Is Dead

Before the opening credits even began in episode 12, Russell Edgington was killed off. Draining the Elder Faerie, Russell was able to see the secret hidden faerie world. Unfortunately for him, he was so high on the blood that he failed to see Eric who swooped in and staked him.

Authority Victims

Pam, Jessica, Luna, Emma and Sam are being held captive in the Authority headquarters. Eric, who is with Nora and Tara, enlists the help of Sookie, who agrees to come along and try to talk Bill out of his crazy religious shenanigans.

Jason Is Seeing Dead People

After a knock on his head, Jason is now seeing his dead parents, who want him to go on a vampire killing spree. (That’s totally normal.)

Salome/Bill/Lilith Triangle

In episode 11, viewers witnessed Lilith appear to Bill and call him “the chosen one.” However, in “Save Yourself,” Bill tells Salome that Lilith said to serve and protect her. “She said you were the profit for the new age,” he tells her.

Alcide Vs. JD

Alcide was previously kicked out of the pack by JD but returns to fight for his right as pack master when he learns that JD made Ricki overdose on V. Taking V himself to even the playing field, Alcide challenges the pack master. He ends up snapping JD’s neck, taking on the title of pack master and ending the V use in the pack.

Andy’s Little Faeries

After knocking up a faerie named Morella, Andy must tell his latest beau, Holly. The situation takes an even more awkward turn when Morella goes into labor and Holly is forced to help deliver the babies -- four babies to be exact. After giving birth, Morella leaves and tells Andy that it’s his “sacred duty” to make sure that at least half of his children survive to adulthood.

Shifting Away

Using her ability to shift into any form, Luna turns into Steve Newlin and attempts to walk out of the Authority with Emma, who Newlin has been keeping as a pet (in wolf form). However, before she’s able to leave, Chancellor Rosalyn Harris drags the fake Steve Newlin off for a damage-control TV news cast. Why the damage control? Before Russell Edgington’s death, he went on a killing spree with Steve and was caught on camera leaving a frat house with 22 boys left dead inside.

Luna uses the on camera opportunity to shift into herself and tell the world that the Vampire Authority is holding humans hostage and killing people. Knocking over the camera, Rosalyn goes to attack Luna but meets the true death when Sam, as a fly, shoots into her mouth and shifts inside her. But before Luna, Sam and Emma can continue their escape, Luna collapses (possibly for good).

Surprising Hook Up

Eric and the crew manage to break into the Authority, and Tara has a shocking reunion with Pam -- a steamy kiss. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Jason and Jessica. Jessica tells Jason that she loves him, but Jason tells her that he could never love a vampire.

Bill’s Traitorous Turn

Despite telling Salome that she was the one chosen by Lilith, he tries to stop her from drinking Lilith’s blood. Salome thinks he is just trying to take it himself and drinks the whole thing, telling him, “But I was chosen.” In her “lust for greatness,” Salome failed to realize that the blood was a trap. Bill had switched Lilith’s blood, lacing the blood in the vile with silver. Unable to defend herself due to the poison, Bill stakes Salome.

The Billith Transformation

After staking Salome, Bill is about to drink the real blood of Lilith when Sookie and Eric barge in. Despite Sookie’s best efforts to stop him, Bill drinks all of Lilith’s blood -- and collapses into a pool of blood. Sookie falls into Eric’s arms crying, believing Bill to have met the true death. However, that’s not exactly what happened. In a surprising twist, “Billith” rises from the blood and lets out an animal-like scream.

The season five finale, episode 12, “Save Yourself,” ends with Eric yelling for Sookie to run.

Now that you’re all caught up, check out some “True Blood” spoilers before the season six premiere. Watch season six, episode 1, “Who Are You, Really?” when it airs on HBO at 9 p.m. on Sunday.