"True Blood:" "Save Yourself"

Less than a week remains until "True Blood" fans have their minds blown with the season five finale. With a naked god, bombings and a hate group, the latest season of the hit HBO show has definitely been an interesting and intense one. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, and the same goes for "True Blood," which is set to conclude on Sunday, Aug. 26 with "Save Yourself," their season five finale episode.

If the preview trailer that was revealed this past Sunday has not curbed your finale appetite then we have some exciting news for you. Photos from episode 12, "Save Yourself," have hit the web!

HBO's official "True Blood" Twitter account has encouraged fans to tweet "#SaveYourself" 100,000 times in order to get their hands on some extended scenes from the season five finale. On Wednesday fans hit that mark and @TrueBloodHBO released a very juicy picture.

The photo shows the recently escaped Eric and Nora inside Sookie's house...but no Sookie can be found in the frame. Instead, Eric and Nora seem to be keeping interesting company with Jason and Tara. Although we can't be certain until we check out the episode on Sunday, we have a feeling that Eric's first order of business since escaping the Vampire Authority was to go to Fangtasia to see Pam. That would eventually lead Eric, Nora and Tara to Sookie's house.

Although Twitter fans only managed to unlock one photo from "Save Yourself" on Sunday, more blood filled photos from the upcoming episode 12 managed to hit the web.

One photo shows that Eric finally met up with Sookie...but the situation looks grim. Eric is covered in blood (even in his precious hair), and Sookie looks like she has tears rolling down her face. A second photo shows the always fabulous Pam locked up inside the Vampire Authority. Luckily for Pam though, she has her good ol' buddy Jessica in the cell right next to her. As for what's going on with Bill, no new photos show him with Sam Merlotte (whose life is in some serious danger right now), but he does have a very serious looking army gathered in front of him. Judging by the stance of the Vampire Authority soldiers and Bill himself, he has definitely taken on the role of the chosen one. And if you were wondering what's going to become of Holly and Andy after the whole pregnant fairy debacle, a new photo looks like Holly might be ready to throw a drink in his face.

"True Blood's" season five finale, "Save Yourself," airs on Sunday, Aug. 26 at 9 p.m. on HBO.