Season five of True Blood is premiering June 10, but fans don't have to wait until then to see some new characters and old favorites. HBO has been releasing teaser trailers and posters, but the latest promo effort on their part are stills from season five.

The first pictures to hit online give fans a first peek at the latest addition to the True Blood family, former Law & Order SVU star, Chris Meloni.

According to IMDB, Meloni will play Roman, the leader of the Vampire Authority. The photo shows a serious Meloni, in dapper dress with a stake in hand.

Meloni isn't the only new face invading Bon Temps this season. According to TVFanatic, Carolyn Hennesy, Peter Mensah, Lucy Griffiths, Jacob Hopkins, Christopher Heyerdahl, Valentina Cervi and Scott Foley are the latest cast members to be wreaking havoc for Sookie Stackhouse and gang.

Carolyn Hennesy, has been cast as Rosalyn Harris, a Texas resident and Chancellor of the Vampire Authority. Hennesy, a TV veteran, has appeared in Cougar Town as Barbara Coman and General Hospital as Diane Miller.

Kibwe, another ancient vampire Chancellor of the Vampire Authority is being portrayed by Peter Mensah. Mensah's character seems like the odd one out in the harsh world of vampires in True Blood. According to the True Blood Wiki, Kibwe  is peaceful, and believes in rehabilitation for lawbreakers, rather than punishment.

Fans of the series will be surprised to learn that Eric has a sister. Nora, played by Lucy Griffiths, was also made into a vampire by Godric. Griffiths character is reportedly working as a double agent while being a ruling member of the Vampire Authority.

Jacob Hopkins will be playing nine-year-old Alexander Drew, a Chancellor of the Vampire Authority who likes taunting his fellow Chancellors and smoking cigarettes.

Christopher Heyerdahl will be portraying Dieter Braun. According to Entertainment Weekly, Braun is an ancient, powerful vampire who plays a large part in the intelligence of the Authority. EW also teases Braun's special talents in torture. Heyerdahl's latest role isn't that far from his character in Twilight. The actor plays Marcus in the Twilight franchise, one of the three leaders of the Italian Vampire coven called the Volturi.

Salome, an Authority member and seductress, will be played by Valentina Cervi. Cervi's character will be a series regular.

Scott Foley may be the only new character this season that isn't a vampire. Of Felicity fame, Foley will be playing Patrick Devins, who fans got a quick look at in season four. Devins was in Iraq with Terry where he was a platoon leader.

True Blood returns to HBO for its fifth season June 10 at 9 p.m.