HBO has been releasing teaser clips from season five of True Blood for the last couple weeks, and now fans can be treated to a brand new poster. For fans who find that waiting sucks, the series is almost a month away from its June 10 premiere.

Don't cry. It's Back, teases HBO's latest promotion material for their bloody hit of a series, True Blood. The poster features an image of a woman's eye with a bloody tear gliding down her face.

The poster is truly just a teaser, only revealing the obvious for season five...blood will spill.

Through casting announcements and waiting sucks teaser clips, fans of the show can see what lies ahead for the town of Bon Temps and the unfortunate folks that inhabitant it.

Russell Edgington Is Back

The third season finale of True Blood showed Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) burying Russell Edgington (Denis O'Hare), the lunatic vampire King of Missouri deep in concrete.

As viewers of the series know, nothing stays buried in a world full of vampires. Russell Edgington has somehow escaped his concrete tomb and is ready to wreak havoc on those who helped place him there.

Fellowship of the Sun Leader Steve Newlin Is Back

Fans remember Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian) as a Jesus loving, vampire hating preacher. Season five of True Blood gets a great twist when Newlin knocks on Jason's (Ryan Kwanten) door...with a new pair of fangs.

Ties Are Broken

After four seasons of torture at the hands of the supernatural, it's surprising that some of the characters are finally firmly putting their foot down. In a teaser video featuring werewolf Alcide (Joe Manganiello), Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis), things get heated when Lafayette snaps.

Get the f*** out of here wolf, Lafayette threatens Alcide in Sookie's kitchen. How the f***do you think you're going to protect her from an ancient, pissed off vampire? he says referring to Russell Edgington. We're done with all this supernatural bulls***, you hear me? No vampires, no ghosts, no witches, no Maynads and no f****** werewolves.

Lafayette isn't the only character seen breaking ties with former allies. Another teaser clip released by HBO shows Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) at the hands of her maker, Eric. Viewers of previous seasons know that the bond between the two only becomes slightly blurred when Sookie gets in the way, but fans were shocked to see Eric's brutality towards Pam in this clip.

Eric has Pam pinned down, threatening her to tell him the truth about Russell Edgington's return. Stop f**** lying, he growls at a helpless and scared Pam.

After reassuring Eric that she does not know Russell's whereabouts, she asks Eric a question that fans are dying to know the answer to. What's happened to you?

Eric responds, I trust no one. You shouldn't either.

Faeries Return

Fairies in Bon Temps have been scarce, but a new one has been cast for season five of True Blood. Camilla Luddington, known for her portrayal of Kate Middleton in the Lifetime movie William and Kate has been cast as Claudette. According to, Claudette is one of Claude's (Giles Matthey) many sisters, who gives Sookie insight into what it means to be a faerie.

New Characters

IMDB released a casting call a couple months ago for a range of new characters.

Reggie: Caucasian male. Mid 20's to early 30's. Good looking redneck. Member of a trashy, low-rent anti-vampire hate group.

Sarah Compton-Harris: Caucasian female. 70's to 80's. Elderly and frail due to cancer. Close to death.

Ryder: Wolf. Addresses the Shreveport pack as they face a change in leadership.

Lady Pack member: Female member of the wolf pack makes a wry suggestion at a meeting.

Sean: College age. Runner qualities. Sean is a university track star who's put in the terrifying position of having to out-run a wolf pack.

Female: Caucasian. 20's. Begs for life as she is fed on by a vampire.

Sam: Double to Sam Trammell. 5'9 1/2 - 5'10 155-160 lbs. 38 chest. Actor just look just like Sam Trammell.

True Blood returns for its fifth season on HBO June 10 at 9 p.m.