'True Blood'
The episode five synopsis for "True Blood" has leaked online. HBO

UPDATE: J. Sharif told the International Business Times that his song "Life Matters" isn't in episode nine of "True Blood," but he "would love the opportunity."

Fangbangers rejoice! The June 16 premiere of “True Blood” is around the corner, and we’ve got more season six spoilers to hold off your hunger. The latest scoop? Episode titles and casting news.

Fans of the HBO series may be aware that the show uses song names as episode titles. The latest titles to be released for season six are for episodes eight and nine.

Episode Eight

SpoilerTV reports episode eight is called “Dead Meat.” That title could be a reference to Bush’s “Dead Meat” from the British band's 1999 album “The Science of Things” or Sean Lennon’s “Dead Meat” from his 2006 album “Friendly Fire.”

SpoilerTV also reports that “True Blood” is still casting for two costar roles -- a guard and a bottling plant foreman -- both of whom will likely become casualties. As viewers in season five remember, the Vampire Authority bombed some Tru Blood factories and blamed it on radicals trying to limit the supply of synthetic blood. The season ended with the factories vowing to rebuild and continue manufacturing Tru Blood. Episode eight, "Dead Meat," is set to air on Sunday, Aug. 4.

Episode Nine

Episode nine is titled "Life Matters" and fans on TrueBlood-Online.com are speculating that the song in question is from rapper J. Sharif’s album of the same name. SpoilerTV announced that "90210" and "Hawaii Five-O" guest star Erik Passoja will play the role of a "sick vampire." Whether Passoja's character has anything to do with the rumored major death by the end of episode nine remains a mystery. "Life Matters" is set to air on Sunday, Aug. 11.

HBO's season six of "True Blood" premieres on Sunday, June 16, at 9 p.m. Let us know your thoughts on the episode titles.