Warning: Major spoilers ahead.

Episode four of “True Blood” has yet to air, but fans can read up on the trouble brewing in episode five, “F--- the Pain Away.” Ghosts and old lovers will reconnect when the episode airs on HBO on July 14 at 9 p.m.

According to a synopsis posted on SpoilerTV.com, Sookie will continue on her quest to seek answers about her past. The blonde Merlotte’s waitress is in a bit of trouble since ancient vampire Warlow entered her realm, and, although her faerie grandfather, Niall, has brought along some knowledge, she still desires more. To get some answers, Sookie will be turning to Lafayette, who as of episode three has yet to communicate with any ghosts. However that will change when Sookie asks the fry cook to summon her dead parents.

Meanwhile, Sookie’s brother will be getting a blast from the past when not one but two of his former lovers seek him out. Sarah Newlin, who returned to the screen in episode three, will be looking to “reconnect” with Jason, and Jessica will be seeking atonement.

As for the other vampires milling around? Pam will find herself in “dangerous territory.” Whether or not she has managed to get herself captured and brought to “the camp” that Governor Burrell has set up, Pam will fortunately have people trying to rescue her. Both Tara and Eric (despite their recent rocky relationship) will resort to “drastic measures” to help Pam.

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