Holy seduction, “True Blood” fans! Goodbye Bill, Eric and Alcide -- Sookie has her hair down and cleavage out for another man in a preview video for episode four, “At Last.”

In episode three, viewers watched as Sookie refused to cooperate with Bill’s plan to synthesize her blood. In return, Bill declared that she was dead to him. While it seemed like a powerful and hurtful declaration, it doesn’t appear that Sookie cares too much because a teaser for next week shows her prepping for a potential sexual encounter.

“What is it about me that you want?” Sookie asks faerie Halfling Ben. While he doesn’t respond in the video, his smirk says it all.

As for Bill, he’s moving on as well. After running into Andy at the end of “The Sun,” Bill smelled faerie on him and learned that he had faerie children. However, Bill is not aware of how fast Andy’s faerie children are growing.

Grabbing Jessica, Bill goes and stakes out Andy’s house only to find teen girls sneaking out of it. “I thought you said he had four faerie kids,” Jessica asks Bill. “I did,” he tells her. “But you smell that, don’t ya?” Although the episode four preview video only shows quick snippets, it appears that Bill and Jessica will be seducing ... and feeding on Andy’s daughters.

Meanwhile, the others around Bon Temps are dealing with their own drama:

- “It’s us against them,” Pam says in the video. “This is war.” And it truly does seem like war due to the amount of guns positioned on her.

- “It is Sookie who carries the fae, and it is her we need to protect,” Niall tells a character off screen. Sookie’s faerie grandfather could be saying this to Ben or Jason (who collapsed last episode), or he could be hinting that Sookie has the power to pass on the faerie gene.

- Sam might have been able to rescue Emma from Martha’s cabin thanks to Nicole’s distraction, but the wolves are hot on their trail. Despite Rikki wanting nothing to do with the little girl, she’s one of the first people to take charge, demanding that everyone fan out.

- Eric has Willa, and Governor Burrell isn’t going to take that sitting down. Despite telling Eric on the phone that he’ll do anything he wants, Burrell is chasing them down. First finding Ginger (her screams of fear will never get old), he ends up in Fangtasia where he threatens that someone “best tell us where they’ve gone.”  

While all the spoilers teased in the promo video are pretty exciting, it’s the last line that will really have “True Blood” fans replaying the preview. “It’s the progeny,” Nora says to a mysterious person. “Only he can kill Lilith.”

Nora’s statement is going to need a lot more explaining in episode four, but we can hypothesize a few things. One fact that we definitely know thanks to Nora is that Warlow is mentioned in the Vampire Bible as one of Lilith’s progeny -- one of the first vampires.

Many “True Blood” fans were assuming that Lilith was dead, but Bill might actually be the dead one (he did turn into a puddle of blood), with Lilith reincarnated as him. Lilith’s new body may still hold memories, which would be why Bill sometimes comes through.

Billith was initially perceived to be a threat by Nora and Eric. But will their minds change when they learn that he’s trying to save the vampire race? Or will Nora and Eric potentially put Sookie’s life in danger to be able to use Warlow as a weapon against Bill?

Let us know your theories on Warlow and episode four of “True Blood. Catch “At Last” when it airs on HBO on Sunday at 9 p.m.