“True Blood” continued its sixth season with episode three, “The Sun,” on Sunday, June 30. Not wasting any time -- Eric started off the episode with some pretty serious threats.

Eric’s New Plan

Eric plans to glamour (hypnotize) Governor Burrell’s daughter Willa before killing her for her father’s sin, but Willa surprises him. “Killing me won’t stop him,” she tells Eric in a panic. “But I can tell you about the experiments.”

Instead of killing Willa, Eric kidnaps her and brings her to Fangtasia. But Pam and Tara don’t think her kidnapping is as good as an idea as Eric does. “No you mother-f***in’ didn’t,” Tara warns Eric when she sees Willa.

Eric informs Pam and Tara of his plan -- to use Willa as leverage and leave Fangtasia for good. As Pam and Tara pack up whatever belongings they have left in the bar, Eric gets down to business with Willa.

“I want to help you,” she says to Eric before he gets a chance to glamour her. “I don’t like what my father is doing any more than you do.”

According to Willa, her father used the money he received for the highways to build a camp for vampires. Part prison and part research facility, the camp is where the government is taking vampires to study them.

Eric, Pam, Tara and Willa leave Fangtasia and seek refuge at Ginger’s house.

Bill’s Destiny

Bill tells Jessica about seeing her and the others meeting the true death. Not knowing why, how or when Jess will see the sunlight, Bill promises that he will stop it before it happens.

Thinking that Lilith gave him the answer to their problems when she spoke to him in the daylight during his vision, Bill tries to stand outside when the sun rises. Unfortunately for him, his plan backfires and he bursts into flames, crying to Jessica that he doesn’t understand.

With that plan down the drain, Bill hatches a new plan … synthesize faerie blood.  He sends Jessica to seduce and bring back the scientist who is believed to have developed TruBlood, and Bill heads to Sookie’s to ask for a blood donation.

Sookie refuses to let Bill in, but one of Bill’s new Billith powers is that he doesn’t need an invitation to get inside anymore. He demands her blood, but Sookie refuses, telling Bill, “you’re not God, you’re just an a**hole.”

Bill’s response? “You’re dead to me now, Sookie Stackhouse.”

Hunt For Warlow

With Warlow loose, Sookie is practicing her faerie magic to protect herself. Her faerie grandfather Niall heads off to search for Warlow himself but instead comes across a faerie massacre at the secret faerie club.

It turns out that a vampire somehow managed to get into the  club and slaughtered all of the faeries inside. Leaving the club, Niall comes face-to-face with Ben. Niall enlists Ben to help him protect Sookie against Warlow.

The Camp

“True Blood” fans welcomed back Anna Camp as Sarah Newlin in episode three. Viewers get their first look inside Governor Burrell’s camp thanks to Steve Newlin’s misfortune. Captured and brought to the research facility, he comes head-to-head with his ex-wife, Sarah.

“No way,” Steve says when he lays eyes on his ex. “Hello honey,” she responds.

But while Steve thinks that Sarah is there to save him, she’s really there to rub how successful she is in his face. Since their split, she has written a book and made her way into politics to continue God’s work of eradicating the vampire race.

“This place is everything we used to dream about,” she says of the camp. "What the Fellowship of the Sun has been leading to.”

Left in the hands of a doctor, Steve chooses to reveal everything he knows about Eric Northman rather than get tortured.

Nicole And Friends

Nicole and her boyfriend, Jesse, help Sam and Lafayette into Sam’s trailer after their fight with the werewolves. However, Sam wants them out, and Lafayette warns them to forget everything they saw.

Ignoring Lafayette’s advice, Nicole and her friends head to the werewolf camp to record them shifting and to talk to them about coming out. Their talk doesn’t go well when Alcide discovers their camera and Rikki attacks them.

Sam watches as the wolves descend upon Nicole and her friends, and he takes the opportunity to get Emma out of one of the bunks. About to make a run for it, Sam notices that Nicole managed to escape getting killed, but she is badly injured. Leading Emma toward Nicole, they try to help her escape with them.

The End

Episode three, “The Sun,” concludes with Bill smelling Andy’s pre-teen faerie daughter's scent on him … and figuring out a new plan to get faerie blood. But Andy and his family aren’t the only ones ending on a bad note. After not feeling well all episode, Jason collapses in the episode's final minutes.