“True Blood” fans will be seeing the “Light of Day” in episode three, “You’re No Good.” As we previously reported, Anna Camp of "Pitch Perfect" will be reprising her role as Sarah Newlin, and viewers will get to see her big return when episode three airs on HBO on Sunday.

The last time we saw Sarah Newlin, the spunky blonde was spotted during a televised debate about the Vampire Rights Amendment. After her affair with Jason, her relationship with her husband, Steve, became strained, and the two allegedly divorced.

But while Sarah has been missing since season two, now-ex-husband Steve became a major player in season five. Last season, it was revealed that Steve was a gay vampire and had a very big crush on Jason. Unfortunately, the feelings weren’t mutual, and Steve ended up striking up a hot and bloody relationship with freshly single Russel Edgington. After being the face of anti-vampire group the Fellowship of the Sun, post-transition Steve went on to become a spokesperson for vampire rights. His gig hit the fan, though, when a video of him and Russell on a gruesome killing spree at a frat house went viral.

According to TVLine.com, Sarah and Steve will have a reunion in episode three, and it will be “very tense.”  

“Viewers will get some insight into what happened in their marriage during seasons three and four,” Steve’s Michael McMillian said. “They have some unfinished business.”

Part of that unfinished business is that Sarah still believes that “God hates fangs.” TVGuide.com teased that her anti-vampire efforts have actually been redoubled, “which will spell bad news for her reunion with former hubby (and current vamp) Steve.”

Rumor has it that Sarah will be a player with the new powerful weapon that can hurt vampires, and “True Blood” fans are speculating that she has teamed up with the new big bad in town, Louisiana Governor Truman Burrell.

You can catch Steve and Sarah reunion when it airs on HBO on Sunday at 9 p.m. Are you excited to see the duo back together? Let us know in the comments section.