True Blood
Lafayette and Jessica might not be on the best terms after episode 5 of "True Blood." HBO

The end is near for “True Blood.” Episode 5, “Lost Cause,” aired on HBO on Sunday. Find out who broke up, who hooked up and who developed a new case of Hep V:

Eric, Pam and the Yakuza

Episode 5 of “True Blood” kicked off with Eric enlisting Willa’s help in finding Sarah Newlin, who was practically her stepmother. But after being abandoned by her maker, Willa wanted nothing to do with his new plan – unless he releases her. Eric released Willa, and in exchange learned that Sarah has a vampire sister named Amber living in Dallas.

Leaving Bon Temps – with a little resistance from Ginger – Pam and Eric find Amber. The twist? Amber has Hep-V.

While Sarah Newlin told the world that her sister had been taken by vampires and disappeared, the reality was that Amber had fallen in love with a vampire named Jeremy. Sarah was a part of the Fellowship of the Sun at the time when Jeremy turned Amber. Freaked out over the possibility of her sister’s vampirism getting out, Sarah paid Amber off to “stay in the coffin.” Jeremy became infected with Hep-V shortly after Sarah and Governor Burrell released it into the public. Amber became infected with Hep-V after that.

Amber blamed herself for her sister’s actions and agreed to help Eric and Pam … especially after they confirmed that they want to kill Sarah. She informed the pair that Sarah had called her earlier that day looking for a place to stay. She turned Sarah down, but believes that she may be staying with their parents in Dallas. But they won’t be home … they’ll be at a fundraiser for Ted Cruz.

Dressed in their finest “republic***” attire, the two take the fundraiser by storm – but not before Pam discovered that Eric’s Hep-V moved to stage 2.

Forcing Pam to put the Hep-V out of her mind, Eric donned a cowboy hat to track down Sarah’s father at the fundraiser. But before Eric could get Sarah’s father to talk, they were interrupted by a group of gun-toting men – the Yakuza.

Sarah Newlin, who had managed to corner her “mommy” in the bathroom at the fundraiser, confirmed that the Yakuza were after her for her involvement with Governor Burrell and the Hep V. But she didn’t explain who they were.

Sarah wanted the help of someone powerful – like Laura Bush – but her mom told her that she was all on her own.

When the guns started going off, Sarah and her mother tried to run. But the two women didn’t get far. The Yakuza shot Sarah’s father when he told them that he didn’t know where Sarah was, and when they found Sarah running with her mother they immediately shot her mom down.

Sarah managed to continue running, but unfortunately for her a wrong turn landed her right in the arms of Eric. Horrified to see Eric, Sarah tried to escape. But Eric took a firm hold of her throat and began to choke her … until the Yakuza showed up.

Eric killed the Yakuza men that pointed their guns at him, going as far as to pull a “Game of Thrones” move and rip a man’s jaw bone out – teeth and all.

Hookups and Breakups at Sookie’s Party

While Eric and Pam spent episode 5 in Dallas, Sookie was left in Bon Temps struggling with the death of Alcide. Lafayette and James arrived at her house to watch over her. But they had ulterior motives – they wanted to throw a party at Sookie’s house to remember Tara and Alcide.

Sookie took a nap, and when she woke up she discovered that Alcide’s father, Jackson, had arrived. While Sookie was happy to see him, she was not happy to learn that they were throwing a party at her house. With no other choice but to let it happen, Sookie let Bill in and went to get ready.

As Sookie prepared herself for the upcoming festivities, Lettie Mae was begging her husband to let her go. But with alcohol and vampire blood around, the Reverend didn’t trust his wife enough to let her say goodbye to Tara at the party. With a bottle of Benadryl in hand, Lettie Mae knocked her husband unconscious and headed to the party.

Despite Lafayette’s initial urge to toss out Lettie Mae, Sookie convinced Lala to let Lettie Mae stay and say a few things about Tara. Lettie Mae did just that and even used a nonalcoholic beverage to toast her dead daughter. But Lettie Mae did have ulterior motives. Sookie overheard Lettie Mae desperately thinking about using Willa’s blood to reconnect with Tara – and she decided that the only way to do it was to stab Willa with a knife.

Fortunately Willa heeled quickly, but the other vampires weren’t happy with Lettie Mae’s actions. Sam managed to keep the vampires away from Lettie Mae. But nothing could protect Sam from Nicole’s wrath. Everyone else had drowned their sorrows in tequila and other booze, but because of her pregnancy, Nicole was forced to stay sober. It was because of her clear head that she was able to recognize the party for what it was – completely crazy.

As the drama unfolded inside with Lettie Mae, Andy told Jessica that it was time for her to move forward from her guilt over killing his three daughters. Wanting to move on himself, Andi asked for Jessica’s help in proposing to Holly.

The duo asked Sookie for permission to use Gran’s ring. And Sookie agreed – as long as Jason was okay with it because Gran wanted Jason to use it to propose to his future wife. Violet didn’t want it, and Jason didn’t seem to mind. With their blessing, Andy proposed to Holly – and she said yes!

While Andy and Holly’s relationship was moving forward, Jessica and James’s was taking a step back. James complained to Lafayette about Jessica giving him just enough love and affection to keep him hooked. However Lafayette helped him realize that it wasn’t enough to keep him going. The pair kissed, but things quickly progressed from there. When Jessica went outside to look for James, she discovered him having sex with Lafayette in the car that they bought together.

James apologized, but Jessica made Ryan revoke James’s invitation to the house. Jessica ran upstairs to cry and Violet allowed Jason to chase after her. But Violet shouldn’t have. After Lafayette reamed Jessica out for not being honest with herself and not knowing James, Jessica admitted that maybe James wasn’t the man for her. When Jason shared similar thoughts about Violet, Jessica drew Jason in for a kiss. The pair initially paused, but their clothes came off within a matter of moments.

While the chemistry between them was undeniable, the hookup happened at the wrong place at the wrong time. As the two went at it, Violet listened from behind the door. But instead of barging in and killing the both of them , Violet decided to walk away instead.

Bill’s New Problem

Throughout the episode, Bill was quietly lurking in the background of Sookie’s party. But it wasn’t because he was people-watching – it was because he was having flashbacks to when he was a human during the Civil War.

Bill remembered the moment when he found out that Lincoln was calling for people to enlist. And while “True Blood” viewers know that Bill did end up enlisting, he wasn’t initially onboard. Bill disagreed with the idea of war, believing that the Yankees had better artillery and would destroy every town. He was called a Yankee sympathizer, but that didn’t stop him from becoming a deserter. With his family in tow, Bill tried to escape with others. However he was stopped by one of his former friends and forced to abandon his family for the war.

Bill left the party a bit early after a brief talk with Sookie about the struggles of just being friends. After an embrace from his ex, Bill continued his flashbacks to his previous life while soaking in a bathtub. It was while in the tub that he reminisced about his final goodbye to his wife and promising that he’d return to her and the family.

When Bill exited the tub and looked in the mirror he discovered the start of Hep V spreading in his chest.

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