The “True Blood” family is growing for its seventh and final season. With filming set to begin in a couple weeks for the HBO series summer premiere, fans are being treated to some casting news … and the new character in question is very handsome.

Thanks to Twitter, we know that newcomer Brett Lorenzini (“A Broken Code”) has been cast in “True Blood” as Troy. Details on the character played by the British actor are scarce, but according to, Troy will be appearing in the season 7 premiere, “Jesus Gonna Be Here.”

Last time “True Blood” viewers left off, the series had skipped ahead six months with the town of Bon Temps enjoying a barbeque at Bellefleur’s Bar & Grill (formerly Merlotte’s). At the encouragement of new mayor Sam Merlotte, the townspeople were teaming up with local vampires as a form of protection against the deadly vampires who were infected with Hep-V. And while the pact of clean blood for protection seemed to be working for most, Sookie and her new boyfriend, Alcide, decided that they would risk not teaming up with a vampire.

All things seemed good and dandy until the final moments of the episode -- when a pack of rabid vampires sniffed out the packed barbeque food and decided to make their way over to feast.

Could Troy be a victim at the Bon Temps barbeque? Is he one of the citizens combating the vampires? Or could he perhaps be one of the Hep-V infected vampires looking for a local snack? “True Blood” fans will just have to wait and see.

Brett Lorenzini as Troy is far from the only new character who will join the HBO series. As we previously reported, a casting call for the show leaked online and revealed that they were casting for the following roles:

Vince - Vince is a burly man in his 40s. A “rabid anti-vampire vigilante,” Vince is also a tea partyer who has “political visions.” The role of Vince will be that of a guest star or recurring character.

Lou - Lou is a blue-collar worker in his 20s. A member of Vince’s vigilante group, he’ll be going on patrol in a group and is aggressive, not dangerous. The role of Lou is recurring.

Mack - Mack is another angry member of Vince’s vigilante group. The role of Mack is recurring.

Proprietor - A Persian man in his late 40s to early 50s, he’s a proprietor of a Moroccan bar “with a thick accent.” The character will put together a game of Russian roulette “for his patrons’ amusement.” This is a guest-starring role.

Nizor - Nizor is a Persian vampire in his late 30s to early 50s. A patron at the Moroccan bar, he’s involved in the game of Russian roulette and “derives courage and comfort from his faith in Allah.” The role of Nizar will be played by a guest-starring actor.

Young Tara - “True Blood” is looking to cast a 10-year-old version of Tara (Rutina Wesley). The character will be seen in a flashback “having a nice moment with her friend, young Sookie.” The role is a co-starring one.

Young Sookie - The show is also looking to cast a 10-year-old version of Sookie (Anna Paquin), also to be seen in a flashback with young Tara.

Jerome - A Hep-V-infected vampire in his 30s to 40s, Jerome is strong and aggressive. The character will lift a woman into the air and take off. The role is a co-starring one.

Wounded Woman - The series is looking to cast a woman in her 20s to be a victim in a Hep-V vampire attack. She is scared and wounded, and viewers will be able to hear her thoughts. The role is a co-starring one.

Anguished Woman - “True Blood” is also looking to cast a woman in her 30s to 40s who is grieving over her dead husband. Viewers will also be able to hear her thoughts. The role is a co-starring one.

Sara Compton - Sara Compton is the 5-year-old daughter of Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) and Caroline Compton (Shannon Lucio). Bill’s young daughter will be seen in a flashback to 1862, but she will not speak in the episode. The role is a recurring co-starring one.

Ronnie - Ronnie is a vampire in his 20s who is tall and dangerous and “devours humans.” The role is a recurring co-starring one.

Screaming Man - Like the “Wounded Woman” and “Anguished Woman,” the show is casting a human in his late 20s who is “attacked and feasted upon by Hep-V vampires.” The role is a co-starring one.

Sylvie – Sylbie, a beautiful French woman in her 20s, will appear in episode 2 as a love interest for Eric -- and a pretty serious one at that since the role requires some full frontal nudity.

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